How to Prepare for MCSA 77-601 Certification Exam

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These certification exams check your knowledge and experience on the subject. So the best way to get through is to learn and master each and every aspect of the subject and get a hands on experience on it. However, it may take a long time to become a master in your specialized subject. So you need to focus on the important areas in order to pass the exam. Therefore, you should first identify the exam objectives.

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All Microsoft exams have a set of objectives outlining the topics you need to understand to become successful in the exam. This is a good place to start to give yourself a general idea of the topics you can expect to encounter and for which you should obtain study material. Although we have included the latest exam objectives with our PrepKit, it is a good practice to visit the Microsoft’s site to check the latest exam details, because these objectives keep on changing from time to time.

  1. Create a study plan and stick to it: First of all, you should plan how you will be studying for the exam. You can set a time limit to go through each objective and should try to finish it in the allotted time. You can also fix your daily hours of study and set a deadline for completing the entire contents. This will help you prepare efficiently for the exam.
  2. Take a self-diagnostic test: Once you have created your study plan, you should attempt the diagnostic tests included in the PrepKit. This will help you assess the level of your preparedness and know your strengths and weaknesses on a particular topic. You should revise your plans again, keeping in mind your difficulties.
  3. Concentrate your studies on the objectives: You should go through all the exam objectives for exam 77-601 available on the Microsoft Training and Certification Web site. You should concentrate your studies on these objectives, as a thorough knowledge of the topics included in them is essential for passing the exam.
  4. Study Notes:The Study notes included in the PrepKit are organized according to the actual test objectives. It helps you understand the topics clearly and systematically, assist you in difficult areas and organize your studies. They provide in-depth knowledge of different topics and help you become a master in the respective field.
  5. Practice Questions: Practice questions are necessary to get an overview on the type of questions you will encounter in the actual exams. The more you practice, the better understanding you will have on the type of questions you will face. Microsoft has included different types of questions like ‘hot area’, ‘build list and reorder’, ‘drag and drop’, and the latest ‘simulation questions’ in its exams. You can make yourself familiar with all these types of questions by attempting the simulation tests included in the PrepKit. If you find that your knowledge on the subject is not up to the mark, you should go through the chapter again and re-take the practice test. This is the best method to master a specific topic.
  6. Quiz: The exam quiz helps you learn the technical terms, concepts and definitions, etc., that are essential for the real exams. You can set your own time for the quiz, and can even set the time allowed for each question to appear. Customized pop quizzes can also be created by selecting the topics and number of questions from each topic, so that you can prepare for the real exam quickly and effectively.
  7. How Tos: These are illustrated examples on different topics that can be used to fully understand and overcome technical issues. Step-by-step instructions and graphics make the problems easy to understand and solve.
  8. Articles: Technical articles help you enhance your understanding on technical issues. Articles written by industry experts and experienced professionals provide you better understanding of the skills you will need not only to qualify your exams but also in your future career as an IT professional.
  9. Study Tips: They provide exam-related advice, including test tips, things to practice, tests review and much more to guide you through your test preparations. Study tips give an insight into how to approach studying and retaining key points particularly as it is addressed on the exam.
  10. Track your progress: You should keep track of your progress over time by going through the detailed test report provided at the end of each practice test in the PrepKit. This will make you confident, as you will be able to know when you are ready to take the actual exam.
  11. Register for the test: Nothing beats than setting a deadline. Therefore, you should register for the test at least two weeks in advance. This helps in building the tempo and keeps you more focused and determined.
  12. Take the Final test: Once you register for the test and a deadline is set, it is time to do some final preparation. Go through the Final test given in the uCertify Practice test.
  13. Quickly review just before taking the test: As your exam day nears, it is a good time to go through a quick review on all the tips, notes, exam alerts and summary given at the end of each chapter. Glance through the topic briefly if you have doubts. Be relaxed and have a good amount of sleep.

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