The Adobe Photoshop CS2 ACE exam measures your knowledge and expertise on Adobe Photoshop CS2. Before taking the 9A0-044 exam, you should practice the following:

  1. Retouch and modify an image using different tools available in the toolbox.
  2. Create and modify shape layers and paths using pen tools and shape tools.
  3. Create different effects using Blending modes to the layers.
  4. Create different effects using layer styles.
  5. Create different effects using Gradients.
  6. Create different effects using Patterns.
  7. Create and modify a selection in Quick Mask Mode.
  8. Modify selections using the Channels palette.
  9. Record and play an action by using the options in the Actions palette.
  10. Work with automation features available in Adobe Photoshop.
  11. Create scripts for automation.
  12. Work with filters to produce various effects.
  13. Modify an image using Adjustment commands.
  14. Modify an image and create different effects by using filters.
  15. Create and modify text on a path.
  16. Create an animation in Photoshop.

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