How to prepare for 70-503 exam.

The Microsoft test 70-503 measures an individual’s ability to develop distributed applications by using technologies such as XML Web services, .NET remoting, and Windows enterprise services. The individual must have a sound knowledge of Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to build distributed applications. Before taking the 70-503 test, you should practice the following:

  1. Define Service, Data, Operation, and Message contracts.
  2. Process generic messages.
  3. Create and configure service endpoints.
  4. Manage consistency between life cycle, sessions, concurrency, and binds.
  5. Host a service in a managed application.
  6. Host a service on a Web server.
  7. Create custom behaviors.
  8. Implement end-to-end service trace.
  9. Monitor service health and log messages.
  10. Dynamically configure the service by using the service model.
  11. Implement inspectors.
  12. Create a service proxy.
  13. Configure the client endpoint.
  14. Call a service by using a service proxy.
  15. Handle exceptions on clients.
  16. Consume non-WCF services.
  17. Implement transport-level and message-level security.
  18. Authenticate, authorize, and impersonate clients.
  19. Manage instances, sessions, transactions, and concurrency.
  20. Manage consistency between instances, sessions, transactions, and concurrency.