Microsoft test 70-228 focuses on your ability to set up and manage SQL Server 2000 solutions at a system level. To successfully pass the 70-228 test, you should practice the following:

  1. Install and uninstall SQL Server 2000.
  2. Install and upgrade earlier versions of SQL Server.
  3. Import and export data using the Bulk Insert task, the bulk copy program, and Data Transformation Services (DTS).
  4. Create a link server and run ad hoc queries using the OPENQUERY function.
  5. Set up and configure a replication server.
  6. Set up IIS virtual directories to support XML.
  7. Use SQL Profiler and capture, analyze, replay, and study traces.
  8. Use System Monitor to optimize hardware resource usage.
  9. Configure alerts and operators by using SQL Server Agent.
  10. Define object level security including database, tables, and column level permissions.

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