The certification test for Oracle 10g Administration-II (1Z0-043) requires thorough understanding of administrative tasks of a database. To clear the 1Z0-043 exam, a candidate must be well versed with the objectives specified for the test. Before taking the test, you should practice the following:

  1. Configure Recovery Manager.
  2. Understand Globalization support.
  3. Use datatime datatypes.
  4. Use linguistic sort parameters.
  5. Use linguistic searches.
  6. Recover from user errors.
  7. Use various Flashback technologies.
  8. Understand the Recycle Bin.
  9. Manage the database corruption.
  10. Use various utilities such as ANALYZE and DBVERIFY.
  11. Use the DBMS_REPAIR package.
  12. Understand Automatic Database Management.
  13. Recover from non-critical losses.
  14. Use Recovery Manager.
  15. Re-create the password file.
  16. Monitor and manage memory.
  17. Start up and shut down an instance.
  18. Administer ASM disk groups.
  19. Recover a database.
  20. Understand the Flashback database.
  21. Manage database resources.
  22. Automate tasks with Oracle scheduler.
  23. Retrieve information for job execution and its instances.
  24. Know about the database Resource Manager.
  25. Use EM recovery wizard to flashback a database.
  26. Recover a database after a RESETLOGS operation.

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