The certification test for Oracle 1Z0-042 requires sound knowledge of administrative tasks to manage the database. This test demands a thorough knowledge of various administrative tools available in Oracle 10g to manage a database in a very sophisticated manner. The candidate must have a solid understanding of how to back up a database to help in its recovery and one must be very well versed with the objectives specified for the test. Hands-on practice using the software itself can definitely help a candidate in qualifying the test. Practicing especially in the following areas can help raise the confidence level of a candidate:

  1. Know about the architecture of Oracle 10g.
  2. Install Oracle 10g.
  3. Know about various administrative tools to manage the database.
  4. Configure an Oracle network environment.
  5. Work with various database objects.
  6. Configure the Oracle shared server
  7. Implement the database security options.
  8. Manage undo data.
  9. Know the various techniques for database storage
  10. Maintain the database more efficiently.
  11. Take a database backup for recovery purposes.
  12. Know about the SQL and PL/SQL languages.
  13. Resolve the lock conflicts.
  14. Know about data pumps.

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