Oracle has designed 1z0-040 (Oracle Database 10g: New features for Administrators) as an upgrade certification test, which helps you to upgrade from an Oracle 9i Certified Professional to an Oracle 10g Certified Professional (OCP). Apart from studying books and taking various practice tests, you should also practice with Oracle software. While practicing with Oracle, you can learn a lot of things of great importance from the test point of view.

Before taking this exam, you should practice the following:

  1. Install Oracle 10g.
  2. Define policy-based database configuration framework.
  3. Use EM to perform various activities pertaining to a database.
  4. Use data pump commands to import and export data.
  5. Identify advisor’s recommendations to manage the space within a database.
  6. Recognize and manage the server-generated alerts.
  7. Automate tasks with scheduler.
  8. Define VLDB supports.
  9. Perform database backup and recovery with enhanced features.
  10. Flashback a database.
  11. Perform database security options.
  12. Maintain the software.

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