Oracle has specified more than seventy-five objectives for 1Z0-031 (Oracle9i Database: Fundamentals I) test, which are grouped under eighteen topics. Before taking the test, one should have good command over the following areas:

  1. Setting up password file authentication for administrative users.
  2. Using Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) and its components.
  3. Creating and managing initialization parameter files.
  4. Implementing Oracle Managed Files (OMF).
  5. Starting up and shutting down an Oracle instance.
  6. Creating a database manually and by using Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA).
  7. Querying data dictionary.
  8. Multiplexing and managing control files and online redo log files.
  9. Creating and altering tablespaces.
  10. Implementing automatic undo management.
  11. Creating and altering regular and temporary tables and managing storage structures within them.
  12. Creating, reorganizing, and dropping various types of indexes.
  13. Implementing and maintaining data integrity constraints.
  14. Managing passwords and database resources by using profiles.
  15. Creating, altering, and dropping database users.
  16. Granting and revoking privileges from database users.
  17. Creating, modifying, and removing roles.
  18. Using different types of National Language Support (NLS) parameters.

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