The 1Z0-007 test focuses on your ability to use SQL statements to interact with Oracle databases. This test requires you to have a very good command over SQL. For this purpose, along with studying books and taking various practice tests, you should also practice with Oracle. While practicing with Oracle, you can learn a lot of things that are of great importance from the test point of view. Practicing the following things with Oracle will make you confident of scoring well in the test:

  1. Install Oracle and create a database.
  2. Create tables, views, synonyms, indexes, and sequences.
  3. Insert, update, delete, and query data using SQL statements.
  4. Sort rows in ascending and descending orders by using the ORDER BY clause.
  5. Restrict the display of rows using the WHERE clause.
  6. Use different types of single-row and group functions.
  7. Create different types of constraints on tables and watch their effect on data insertion.
  8. Relate two tables using a referential integrity constraint.
  9. Create database users and grant them different privileges.
  10. Join tables by using different types of joins, and retrieve data from them.

2 thoughts on “How to prepare for 1Z0-007 certification exam

  1. i had complete diploma in Oracle from LCC. now i am intrested in certify course for oracle.let me knowhow about the same,regarding its eligibility, study,duration,exam details,location and placement.

  2. myself hrien chauhan from gandhinagr

    i m student of MCA-SEM-3 in NICM college INFOCITY GANDHINGAR.

    and i m interested in OCA-DBA

    and my dream is DBA

    so now wht can i do?

    and i prove myself after this challenge complete in just 4 years


    help me to give the knowledge about OCA-DBA.

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