One should have a good knowledge about RDBMS concepts, SQL, and PL/SQL before taking the 1Z0-001 (Introduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL) test, as this test focuses on one’s capability to design relational databases and write various types of SQL and PL/SQL statements to interact with databases. Practicing the following things will help a candidate to perform well in the test:

  1. Create tables and link them using different types of constraints.
  2. Create views, synonyms, and indexes.
  3. Use the SELECT statement to retrieve rows from tables and views.
  4. Insert, update, and delete rows from tables.
  5. Use the WHERE and ORDER BY clauses to restrict and sort rows retrieved by SELECT statements.
  6. Use various single-row and group functions available in Oracle.
  7. Use different types of joins to retrieve rows from multiple tables.
  8. Create database users and grant and revoke privileges from them.
  9. Declare PL/SQL variables and write PL/SQL blocks.
  10. Use different types of conditional and loop statements.
  11. Write PL/SQL statements to insert, update, and delete rows from tables.
  12. Declare, open, fetch, and close explicit cursors.
  13. Create PL/SQL records and collections.
  14. Raise and handle exceptions.

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