The 1D0-441 Database Specialist exam is designed for all those who are interested in database applications and want to make a career in databases. After passing this certification exam, an individual is also eligible to take up the following two more exams:

  • CIW Certified Instructor: It is meant for those teaching CIW database content.
  • Master CIW Enterprise Developer

Before taking the 1D0-441 exam, you must practice the following:

  1. Understand Database Management Systems concepts.
  2. Identify Relational Database Design methodology and design phases.
  3. Identify relational tables and their characteristics.
  4. Understand different types of normal forms and the process of normalization.
  5. Identify Database design life cycle and aspects of database planning.
  6. Create Structured Query Language (SQL) commands and syntax.
  7. Understand relational algebra and concepts related to relational algebra.
  8. Identify JDBC API architecture and implementation of relational database management systems.
  9. Create table and query manipulation in a database using JDBC.
  10. Understand Database Definition Languages.
  11. Identify design issues related to logical and physical database design.

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