The Microsoft test 70-444 measures your ability to optimize, manage, and administer SQL Server databases. The test is designed to check your ability to use the SQL Server services and objects. It requires you to have a good knowledge of the SQL Server objects and troubleshooting issues related to SQL Server. Before taking the 70-444 test, you should practice the following:

  1. Use System Monitor.
  2. Manage counters and performance logs.
  3. Use SQL Server Profiler.
  4. Use Dynamic Management Views.
  5. Create and maintain statistics.
  6. Maintain transaction logs.
  7. Use Query Editor.
  8. Analyze queries using Graphical Execution Plan.
  9. Create and manage a trace.
  10. Trigger events and notification processes.
  11. Use different tools and services of SQL Server to diagnose database problems.
  12. Understand Failover Clustering.
  13. Understand Database Mirroring.
  14. Restore system databases.
  15. Understand snapshots.
  16. Use reporting services.
  17. Understand linked servers.
  18. Configure a linked server.
  19. Use SQL Server integration services.
  20. Secure databases.
  21. Understand Denial of Service attacks.
  22. Resolve Denial of Service attacks.

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