Hamza Mikou has 7+ years of experience in marketing field. At present, he is working as Digital Marketing Manager in HM Connexion. Mr. Mikou is an avid web developer and has a passion for bringing ideas to life. He focuses on creating a growing and engaged brands through quantitative marketing, growth, storytelling, social media, in-product marketing, strategic and foresight partnerships. You can also visit his website to know more. He recently reviewed uCertify courses. We feel happy to share his feedback:

Excellent courses and support from uCertify. Their Adobe, Zend, and Google Packages and the preparation courses are truly impressive and would recommend it to anyone preparing a certification exam, as it includes all the materials someone will ever need. Also, it comes with a very powerful, interactive learning platform.”

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We really feel glad to hear such customer feedback and try to provide customers best in every possible way.

You can tweet Mr. Mikou @HamzaMikou or contact him via his LinkedIn profile.

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