Great Time To Be In Information Technology

The recession hit several IT professionals hard. As experts dispute whether we are officially out of a recession in the United States, there is optimism in the air. A recent article on CNNMoney.com, “Best Jobs in America 2010” offers some encouraging news. The job opportunities in the IT area are promising. Here are the highlights.

  • Software Architect is listed as the Number One job for with a 10-year job growth forecast of 34%
  • Database Administrator is listed as Number Seven job with a 10-year job growth forecast of 20%
  • Of the Top 100 jobs, 27 were IT-related
  • Of the top 25 jobs, 7 were in the IT field
  • A variety of IT-related job roles are present on the list – security, development, consultant, engineer and many more, including IT trainer at #79

If you are considering options to help move your career forward, earning IT certifications is a first step to proving your mettle in this competitive job market. Make an IT certification (or two, or three!) your goals for 2011.