uCertify has recently released, Pearson MIS 10e course. This course provides students, the knowledge of MIS, the ways information systems are transforming business, and how one can participate in that transformation. The course provides the understanding of using technology to create value. For example, the smartphone sitting next to you is a piece of technology that is probably very valuable to you. It’s an amazing piece of hardware that contains software, databases, and artificial intelligent agents. You use it to browse the Web, collaborate with friends, take pictures, post to social media, and make online purchases. More than 85 percent of college students have a smartphone, and 46 percent say they can’t live without it. That’s value, and they’re willing to pay for it.

This is what information technology is all about! Such uses of technology help to get a great job, increase earning potential, and become indispensable to the employer. MIS 10e course also helps students to apply newly acquired knowledge to real-world situations. Companies are becoming increasingly dependent on technology. They need people who understand how to use new technology to solve new types of problems, and MIS 10e course prepares you for this.

So, start the journey of using innovations in the field of technology with Pearson MIS 10e course!


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