Q. What is the pre-requisite for taking the test XK0-002?

A. This test XK0-002 prepares you for various job roles related to Linux network administration, such as Network Administrator, System Administrator and Network Technician. Although there are no prerequisites for this test, CompTIA recommends that you have six to twelve months of experience in supporting Linux operating systems.

Q. What certification does the exam provide?

A. Upon passing test XK0-002, you will become a Linux + Certified Professional.

Q. How many questions are asked in the test XK0-002?

A. This test consists of multiple-choice questions. There are no case study type questions, and the test is not adaptive. You will be required to attempt approximately 98 questions.

Q. What is the duration of the test XK0-002?

A. Users are required to attempt all questions in 90 minutes.

Q. Which type of exam is it? (Adaptive/Linear)

A. The test XK0-002 is in linear format.

Q. What is the passing score?

A. To pass the test XK0-002, you need a score of 675 on a 100-900 scale.

Q. What is the exam retake policy?

A. There is no wait time fixed between the first and second attempts. However, a third or any subsequent attempt needs to be at least 30 calendar days apart from the previous test.

Q. What are the areas on which the exam is focused?

A. The test XK0-002 is a vendor neutral entry-level test, which demonstrates that you have basic knowledge in managing and maintaining Linux based clients and servers.

Q. Where can we take the exam?

A. CompTIA exams may be taken at Pearson VUE or Prometric testing facilities.

Q. What is the exam fee?

A. US$232

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