Q. What is the SC0-501 exam?
A. The SC0-501 exam provides a way to achieve the SCNA certification. The exam tests a candidate’s skills and knowledge about the trusted network. Students will learn to work with a variety of hardware and software and gain an understanding of sound network security strategies and policies.

Q. What are the prerequisites for the SC0-501 exam?
A. Students must have successfully completed the Strategic Infrastructure Security exam, SC0-471, and hold an SCNP certification in good standing.

Q. What are the benefits of the SC0-501 exam?
A. The SC0-501 exam provides a platform for the SCNA certification. This certification provides an elaborate knowledge on the elements of the Advanced Security Implementation and the Enterprise Security Solutions, a platform to develop your career in the security field and new career opportunities for your future.

Q. What credit does the SC0-501 exam provide?
A. Security Engineer, Security Administrator, System Engineer

Q. What certificate does it provide?
A. This exam provides the SCNA certification.

Q. How many questions are asked in the test?
A. This exam test consists of multiple choice questions and situation-based questions. You will be required to attempt 60 questions.

Q. What is the duration of the test?
A. Candidates are required to attempt all questions in 90 minutes.

Q. Which type of test is it? (Adaptive/Linear)
A. The SC0-501 exam is in linear format.

Q. What is the passing score?
A. Candidates should score 75% marks to pass this exam.

Q. Why should I become certified?
A. If you want to develop your career as a Security Engineer, Security Administrator, or System Engineer, this certification provides you the best path for it.

Q. What skills are measured in the SC0-501 exam?
A. The candidates who are planning to take the SC0-501 exam should have the knowledge of fundamentals of networks and networking as well as network security.

Q. How can I prepare for the SC0-501 exam?
A. In order to prepare for the SC0-501 exam, you should prepare for Advanced Security Implementation and the Enterprise Security Solutions.

Q. Where can I take the test?
A. The SC0-501 exam can be taken at Pearson VUE and Prometric.

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