Q. What is the GSSP-NET-CSHARP exam?

A. This certification exam is designed for those candidates who want to express mastery of the security knowledge and skills required to deal with common programming errors that show the way to most security problems. After passing this test, it shows that the candidates have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to write secure code and identify security shortcomings in the existing code. It is a required exam for the new GIAC Secure Software Programmer – .NET (GSSP-NET) Certification.

Q. What are the prerequisites for the GSSP-NET-CSHARP exam?

A. There are no specific prerequisites for this test. Practical experience is one option; there are also several books on the market covering Computer Information Security. Another option is SANS training, or any related courses from other training providers.

Q. What is the Open book policy?

A. GIAC certification exams are open book format, but not open internet or open computer. Candidates will be permitted to bring one back pack/briefcase of course books, reference material, printed notes, spreadsheets, tables of content, etc. However, no electronic devices are permitted, such as extra computers, CD-ROM, or USB flash drives. Candidates will not be able to access anything stored electronically on any computer during the exam. It is recommend that you print any study guide materials and bring them as hard, paper copies.

Q. What are the benefits of becoming a GIAC Secure Software Programmer – .NET (GSSP-NET)?

A. The benefits of becoming a GIAC Secure Software Programmer – .NET (GSSP-NET) are as follows:

  • GSSP-NET certification demonstrates that GIAC, the leading developer and provider of advanced IT security technologies, has recognized you as an expert in secure codes.
  • This certification paves your way to the more advanced security certifications.
  • GSSP-NET certification can make you more valuable to your company and help you get more salary and preference in promotions.
  • GSSP-NET certified professionals can get appropriate jobs and respectable position in the IT industry.

Q. What certificate and credit does the GSSP-NET-CSHARP exam provide?

A. After passing the exam GSSP-NET-CSHARP, you will get the GIAC Secure Software Programmer – .NET (GSSP-NET) Certification.

Q. How many questions are asked in the test?

A. You will be required to attempt 100 questions.

Q. What is the exam fee?

A. The cost of new GIAC challenge certification attempt is $899, certification attempts taken in conjunction with the associated SANS training course are $499, and recertification attempts are $325.

Q. What is the duration of the test?

A. Users are required to attempt all questions in 240 minutes.

Q. Which type of test is it? (Adaptive/Linear)

A. This test consists of Multiple Choice questions. There are no Case study type questions.

Q. What is the passing score?

A. The minimum passing score of the exam is 67% (67 of 100 questions).

Q. What is the test retake policy?

A. If you do not pass test GSSP-NET-CSHARP the first time, you may retake it at any time.

Q. Why should I become certified?

A. Studies have shown that certified individuals realize many benefits. Among them are the following:

  • Increased opportunities on the job: These opportunities range from increased salary and bonus to project involvement and promotion.
  • Increased breadth of knowledge: Certification is a catalyst for learning new technologies in a structured and comprehensive way.
  • Increased value to the organization: Organizations with 25 percent or more of their staff certified have shown to deploy projects on time and within budget more often, rely less on external support, have less downtime, and have higher user satisfaction with their IT staff.

Q. Is the GSSP-NET-CSHARP exam right for you?

A. All GIAC certification attempts are consisted of one exam that will cover all certification objectives. Individuals who want coding secure software applications using .NET, identifying shortfalls in the security knowledge of other programmers, ensuring other programmers have enough secure coding skills, and advanced secure programming skills.

The GIAC Secure Software Programmers certification allows candidates to express mastery of the security knowledge and skills required to deal with common programming errors that lead to most security problems.

GIAC Certified secure software programmers (GSSP) have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to write secure code and make out security shortcomings in existing code. Candidates should have at least one year of experience developing Console and Windows-based applications by using the .NET Framework 2.0 or 3.5.

Q. What are the code languages available for the GSSP-NET exam?

A. There are three code languages available for the GSSP-NET exam:

  • Microsoft Visual CSHARP
  • Microsoft Visual Basic

Q. What skills are measured in the GSSP-NET-CSHARP exam?

A. GIAC has specified thirty objectives for the GSSP-.NET-CSHARP test. These objectives are assembled under eight topics. Following are some important areas in which an individual should acquire good knowledge before taking the GSSP-NET-CSHARP exam Continue Reading �Skills required for GSSP-NET-CSHARP� »

Q. How can I prepare for the GSSP-NET-CSHARP exam?

A. We designed GSSP-NET-CSHARP preparation kit to help you get certified effortlessly. Now you don’t need to spend your time and money searching for study materials, books, etc., this GSSP-NET-CSHARP exam preparation kit contains everything you need to get certified. Just follow the instructions; focus on the study material and getting certified will be easy.

Don’t take our word for it; decide the quality of our PrepKit yourself. Download the trial version of the PrepKit now to get over 15 questions and 50 study notes, absolutely free. Once you are convinced, you can buy this PrepKit to get all questions and study notes. And of course, we trust our PrepKits so much that all our PrepKits are backed with full money back guarantee in case you do not pass the GSSP-NET-CSHARP exam.

Q. Where can I take the test?

A. This exam is taken online through a standard Web browser. For exams purchased with SANS training, access to the exam will be available 7 to 10 days following the end of the conference. Standalone challenge exams are issued within 24 hours upon receipt of payment. You will receive an email from GIAC when your exam has been issued to your portal account. You have 120 days to complete the exam from the time GIAC send notice that it is available. The exams are proctored and should be scheduled using our proctored exam procedure.

Q. How can I register for the GSSP-NET-CSHARP exam?

A. The prime method for taking a proctored exam is through GAIC testing partner KRYTERION. KRYTERION has nearly complete coverage in the USA and many testing centers all over the world. KRYTERION is also adding GIAC testing sites as coverage gaps are identified. The list of KRYTERION sites is updated frequently.

Please do not try to schedule a testing appointment with KRYTERION before you have registered for a GIAC certification and have been administered access to your certification try through your portal account.

All KRYTERION scheduling will be handled through the Web interface connected from your portal account. GIAC offers a complete Web-based solution which enables you to schedule your proctored exam through KRYTERION via the GIAC/SANS portal interface.

Please DO NOT CONTACT KRYTERION with questions on scheduling or exam appointments. You must contact a GIAC representative, by either writing in to proctor@giac.org or calling a customer support representative at 301-654-7267.

Should you not be able to attend your appointment as scheduled, for any reason, please send an email to proctor@giac.org within 72 hours.

Q. How can I locate a testing center?

A. Please click here to find a KRYTERION testing center near you. It is possible for GIAC to work with KRYTERION to add additional test sites where there are defined coverage gaps. If you will be taking a GIAC proctored exam in the future and do not see a site near you, please fill out the form provided with your location specifics, so that we can work to get a site added near you.

Q. How can I schedule the exam?

A. Please be prepared to present two forms of ID when you show up to your scheduled testing appointment. One form of ID must be a valid photo ID such as a driver’s license; the other form of ID can be something such as a credit card, membership card, library card, etc. Your name must appear on all forms of ID.

You will need to schedule your exam appointment with KRYTERION at least 72 hours in advance. Scheduled date and time slots are available on a first come first serve basis; a good rule of thumb is to get your appointment locked down at least 1 month before you are ready to take your exam. If you have questions about this process, please email proctor@giac.org.

Q. How can I reschedule, cancel, or confirm the exam?

A. If you need to reschedule your exam appointment, you may do so before 72 hours of your exam appointment by logging into your portal account and clicking on the yellow GIAC Exam Engine bar, “Cert Attempts,” “View Schedule Details” and then the “Reschedule” button. Please be aware that you will be charged a $150 seating fee if you reschedule or cancel your exam appointment within 72 hours of your exam appointment or do not show for your exam appointment. If you wish to cancel or reschedule your exam within 72 hours of your appointment, please call our customer support line at 301-654-7267 to pay the $150 Kryterion seating fee and reschedule or cancel your exam appointment. Do not attempt to contact Kryterion or the testing center directly.

Q. What can I expect from GIAC if I pass the GSSP-NET-CSHARP exam?

A. After passing the exam, you will achieve the GIAC Secure Software Programmer – .NET status.

The PrepKit covers 100% objectives for GIAC’s GSSP-NET-CSHARP – GIAC Secure Software Programmer – .NET – CSHARP exam, in accordance with actual exam pattern and question types.

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