Q. What is the GPEN exam?
A. The SANS GPEN certification exam is for security professionals who are involved in assessing target networks and systems to find security vulnerabilities for checking whether the target network is safe or not. The objectives of GPEN exam include penetration-testing methodologies, legal issues surrounding penetration testing, and conducting a penetration test. The GPEN exam covers hacking concepts, such as hacking fundamentals, Advanced Googling, TCP/IP Packet Analysis, Advanced Sniffing Techniques, Vulnerability Analysis with Nessus, Snort Analysis, Advanced Exploits and Tools, Penetration Testing Methodologies, Vulnerability Analysis.

Q. What are the initial requisites for the GPEN exam?
A. You must pass 1 proctored exam ($899). Exams have a four hour time limit and consist of 150 questions. A passing score of 70% is required.

Q. What are the benefits to becoming a GPEN certified professional?
A. A GPEN certified candidate can work as a Network Server Administrator, Firewall Administrator, Security Tester, System Administrators Risk Assessment professional, etc. Numerous corporate sectors are recruiting Security Analysts to prevent and protect their digital infrastructure, and to take appropriate steps against the security breach and other computer-related crimes within an organization.

Q. What certificate does it provide?
A. It provides GPEN certification.

Q. How many questions are asked in the test?
A. This test consists of multiple-choice questions. There are no case-study type questions, and the test is not adaptive. You will be required to attempt 150 questions.

Q. What is the duration of the test?
A. Users are required to attempt all questions in 4 hours.

Q. Which type of the test is it? (Adaptive/Linear)
A. Linear

Q. What is the passing score?
A. You need to score 70% to pass the exam.

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