Q. What is the CompTIA A+ Essentials (220-701) exam?
A. CompTIA A+ Essentials (220-701) is measures the necessary competencies of an entry-level IT professional and skills identified in CompTIA A+ Essentials (220-701). The CompTIA A+ certification, is the industry standard for computer support technicians. The latest version of CompTIA A+ is CompTIA A+ 2009 Edition. Two exams are necessary to be certified: CompTIA A+ Essentials (220-701); and CompTIA A+ Practical Application (220-702).

Q. What are the prerequisites for the CompTIA A+ Essentials (220-701) exam?
A. None. Both 220-701 and 220-702 exams are required to be passed for getting the A+ certification.

Q. What are the benefits to becoming an A+ certified professional?
A. The CompTIA A+ certification is the industry standard for computer support technicians. This is the international, vendor-neutral certification that proves competence in areas such as installation, preventative maintenance, networking, security and troubleshooting. CompTIA A+ certified technicians have excellent customer service and communication skills to work with clients. The A+ certification demonstrates competency as a computer technician.

Officially, CompTIA A+ certification covers numerous technologies and operating systems from such vendors as Microsoft , Apple Inc., Novell and some of the Linux variations. Some of the companies such as CompuCom and Ricoh, have made CompTIA A+ certification mandatory for their service technicians.

Q. What credit does the CompTIA A+ Practical Application (220-701) exam provide?
A. Passing CompTIA A+ Essentials (220-701) provides credit towards CompTIA A+ certification.

Q. What certificate does it provide?
A. You need to pass both 220-701 and 220-702 to earn the A+ certification.

Q. How many questions are asked in the test?
A. 100

Q. What is the duration of the test?
A. 90 minutes

Q. Which type of the test is it? (Adaptive/Linear)
A. Linear

Q. What is the passing score?
A. 700 for CompTIA A+ Practical Application on a scale of 100-900

Q. What is the test retake policy?
A. There is no wait time fixed between the first and second attempt. However, third or any subsequent attempt needs to be at least 30 calendar days apart from the previous test.

Q. Is the CompTIA A+ Essentials (220-701) exam right for me?
A. A+ is an entry level certification. If you wish to become a support technician, this certification is for you. You can excel your career by getting certified from CompTIA. This certification measures the necessary competencies of an entry-level IT professional with at least 500 hours of hands-on experience in the lab or field. It tests for the fundamentals of computer technology, networking and security, as well as the communication skills and professionalism now required of all entry-level IT professionals.

Q. What to expect in the CompTIA A+ Essentials (220-701) exam?
A. Multiple-choice questions on the following topics:

* Hardware
* Troubleshooting, Repair & Maintenance
* Operating System and Software
* Network
* Security
* Operational Procedure

Q. What are the code languages available for the CompTIA A+ Essentials exam?
A. English

Q. Where to take the test?
A. CompTIA certification exams are provided through Pearson VUE and Prometric.

Q. How to locate a testing center?
A. Visit the Pearson VUE and Prometric sites to locate a testing center.

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  1. I passed my 220-701 in june2010,but didnt get a chance to attempt the 220-702.do i still have time to pass the other time and get the certification or do i have to redo it(220-701) again?

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  3. I will be sitting for my 220-701 examination at end of November 2012. I would like to know which operating systems should I expect. i.e windows 7 is it going to be part of the examination.

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