Dryden Musona, a student from Harare Polytechnic having appreciable knowledge in the field of Security recently accessed uCertify’s CompTIA Security+ Course. We are really happy to share his feedback:

uCertify CompTIA Security+ course is best I have ever come across, I am really impressed by the category in which course is divided that is pre-assessment, chapters and lessons, practice tests and post-assessment, which really helped me to prepare for my CompTIA Security+ certification in depth.  I would recommend uCertify to anyone wanting their Security Plus certification. The material was very informative and the labs helped me a lot.

uCertify is a wonderful IT certification courses website!

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Thank You, Mr. Musona for taking your time for the feedback. We are glad to know that you like our course and we are constantly working hard to provide better to our customers.

To know more about Mr. Musona, contact him via his LinkedIn profile.

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