Do Certified Professionals Really Earn More?

Many people understand the value of getting certified, but not everyone is convinced that certified professionals earn more. Is it fact or a myth created by certification vendors?

According to a recent salary survey conducted by a leading certification magazine in which over 40,000 respondents from 150 countries participated, the following points confirm the value of getting an IT certification:

Read more about this survey at certmag.com.

This is good news for most people in the IT industry. In a world that has probably heard more gloom and doom in the past year, than in the previous ten years put together, the survey is one of the indicators that provides IT professionals with some direction to move forward.

Get started or resume your certification journey today.The reason certified professionals on an average earn more than their uncertified counterparts is that the process of certification ensures a person is familiar with new technologies. Employers are looking for candidates who can hit the ground running. This means they are looking for those with industry recognized credentials such as IT certifications, who have proven to have the required skills and knowledge that are necessary to support the company’s investment on IT products.