Studying all by yourself and feeling helpless and confused on technical mumbo jumbo? Want help, need advice or just want to comment on something? Sometimes you just wish you were studying with your friends or in a study group instead of preparing alone. You want someone to whom you can ask questions or do a discussion to prepare better… don’t you wish? We understand that it is sometimes very frustrating when you’re stuck on something and find that there is no one to help you out.

We have added a new feature in our world class TestEngine just for it. Now there is an option with each study note and question through which you can discuss it with other users. Discuss your problems, leave feedback or your valuable input to help others.

The “Discuss it” feature is just like a forum extending each content in a PrepKit into a wealth of valuable resource such as relevant tips and further study notes. You can now discuss the questions, study notes, articles, exam tips, etc, read what others have to say and get advice.

Initially, we have implemented the “Discuss it” feature with selected PrepKits:

We are continuously working on adding this feature in all of our other PrepKits. So don’t just wait there, download the latest PrepKits and start discussing your doubts and sharing your knowledge with other users. You will no longer have to study alone. We promise.

We always welcome your feedback and comments as they encourage us to improve our PrepKits and make then even more useful for your preparations. Please send your feedback to support at ucertify dot com and help us help you.

If you would lke to know more about uCertify PrepEngine features, please click: uCertify PrepEngine

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