Coralia Monsanto Gayle has over 11+ years of experience in the Information Technology Domain, She is currently working as Global Incident Manager at Deutsche Bank, she develops and leads the service desk team in service delivery & first rate technical support with superior customer service. She has specialties in Engineering Support and Technicians, Project Manager, Telecommunications Management, Technical Support, Systems Administrator, Security Analyst, PC Technician, Network Engineer, Help Desk, Desktop Support Specialist. She recently accessed our MHE-CEHv8 and 312-50-v8 course and has provided the following feedback, that we are more than happy to share:

“ The uCertify courses takes you from the basic principles to advanced principles of all the courses they provide. Learners can do flashcards, exercises, quizzes and labs related to each chapter. I have taken 2 courses: MHE-CEHv8 and 312-50-v8  and I find uCertify to be the best. It surpasses the old CBT training CD’s and the best part is you can access your courses anytime and anywhere as long as you have online access. I love how it tracks your test readiness and everyone receives a certificate upon completion of the courses. uCertify is my main source for upgrading my skills and test preparation. The best part about using uCertify is that it’s affordable!”

We are working on all the areas of improvement mentioned by her to provide a better user-experience. You can check out the complete post on Ms. Coralia Monsanto LinkedIn profile or click here. To know more about Ms. Coralia Monsanto, you can contact her via her LinkedIn profile.

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