uCertify has recently released Art of Software Testing course. The course provides practical information on software testing and is intended for professional programmers, project managers, programming and computer science students. The course helps its audiences to increase their knowledge of testing techniques and gain the required industrial proficiency in software testing.

Lately, there have been new development systems, languages with built-in tools, and programmers who are used to developing more on the fly. However, testing continues to play an important part in any software development project. As per these facts, you can expect that program testing has also been refined into an exact science but this is not true. In fact, less is known about software testing as compared to other aspects of software development. This is one of the most important reasons that we have introduced this course. We have heard professors and teaching assistants saying that their students after graduation move into the industry without any substantial knowledge of testing a program. Thus, the purpose of our course is to fill these lacunas for the professional programmers and the computer science students. As we mentioned earlier, the art of software testing course is more practical than theoretical. Although it is possible to discuss program testing in a theoretical way, the course is intended to be practical. Thus, we have not included many topics related to program testing, like mathematically proving the correctness of a program.

So, start learning the art of software testing with uCertify’s Art of Software Testing course.


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