uCertify has recently released Cisco Certified Design Associate course to provide skills and understanding required for CCDA certification exam. This course provides complete coverage of CCDA exam and includes topics such as network design methodology; network design models; enterprise LAN design; data center design; Internet protocol version 6 design; routing protocol characteristics, RIP, EIGRP, and IS-IS, and much more.

The CCDA exam measures your ability to design networks that meet certain requirements for performance, security, capacity, and scalability. The exam focuses on small to medium-sized networks. A CCDA candidate should understand internetworking technologies, including Cisco’s enterprise network architecture, IPv4 subnets, IPv6 addressing and protocols, routing, switching, WAN technologies, LAN protocols, security, IP telephony, and network management. The new exam adds topics and updates to virtualization, data centers design, IPv6, voice and video design, wireless LANs, WAN technologies, and security.

The Cisco Certified Design Associate course contains exercises, flashcards, quizzes, challenge questions in its chapters. The learners can attempt these while they are learning about that particular topic. This helps them grasp concepts better because they can go over it again right away which improves learning.

So, be a CCDA certification exam expert with uCertify’s Cisco Certified Design Associate course.

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