uCertify releases its 77-418 – MOS: Microsoft Word 2013 (Course & Lab) now. The Word 2013 allows you to do a lot more with your docs, spanning document creation to reading, editing, and collaboration. It lets you pop in online video, open and edit the content in PDF, align pictures and diagrams with ease and its Read Mode is clean and distraction-free too. Our complete course with the book and lab provides user a practical approach to learn features of word and practice for exam. The course prepares you to excel in the MOS: Microsoft Office Specialist and Microsoft Office certifications, which is a standalone certification from Microsoft with the exam code 77-418. This certification is targeted at professionals who have experience with previous versions of Microsoft Office Word and who can also create business deliverables with Microsoft Office Word 2013. They are also strong in reviewing, sharing, and securing content. It offers you a career as Office professionals, Consultants, Executives/Managers, Help desk personnel, Instructors/Trainers, Marketing personnel and Product developers. We ensure your success, if you offer us your dedication to master the course with the following:

  • 30 Pre-assessment questions
  • 24 Lessons
  • 91 Exercise Questions
  • 108 Quizzes
  • 71 Glossary of terms
  • 61 Videos
  • 2 Full length tests
  • 31 Post-assessment questions
  • 64 Performance based lab
  • 155 Video tutorial

So try out our complete course now to ensure your complete satisfaction and success in the exam.

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