Pedro Delgado is an administrator, editor and founder of The Computer Group which is an information portal with news, information manuals and forums on software, hardware, Internet, P2P, Windows, Linux, Mac, network, video, mobile, etc. He has also some specialties like Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Symbian, Android and many other.

After reviewing the uCertify PrepKit for the exam 70-680, Pedro said, “uCertify contains both a full agenda for the preparation of the tests as the same questions for practice. It also has tools to make a follow-up results and progress. ”

You can read the complete review on uCertify’s  70-680 PrepKit at Pedro’s blog.



Alejandro Alcalde is a 21 years old and I am Technician in computer applications development. Currently he is  studying Computer Engineering and has an Android developer Certificate.

After reviewing the uCertify PrepKit for the exam 117-101, Alejandro  said, “As for the self-assessment test, a total of 8, one with 15 questions and the remaining 7 with 45 each, every test you can set the time or turn it off directly, in addition, there are two ways of doing the test, a in which responses are selected simply (Test Mode), and another in which explanations are provided after selecting the response (Learn Mode). ”

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Prashant Sharma is a Delhi based Entrepreneur who spent most of his college days polishing his marketing skills and went for his first business venture at 19. Having tasted failure in his entrepreneurial debut, he turned a Tech-enthusiast, specializing in web technologies later. Today, he heads AQR8 Media, a Digital Marketing and Technology firm and writes at TechPluto as well.

After reviewing the uCertify Prepkit for the exam 77-881, Prashant said,” We found quality of uCertify’s prepkit to be satisfactory and recommendable .We found tests to be fairly competitive and (in some cases) tough to crack, which is again a good thing for anyone who’s looking to prepare for any IT certification exam and wants to be fully prepared before facing the final frontier.

You can read the complete review on uCertify’s 77-881 at TechPluto. To get coverage on TechPluto, all one needs to do is submit startup details in given format to the TechPluto team and that’s it! Also check out TechPluto’s Online Business Board, that keeps track of hottest online businesses in Tech Industry.




Mourad Ben Lakhoua is an Information Security practitioner specializing in Cybersecurity, Penetration Testing, Risk Management, Cloud Computing, Social Media and Network System Security. He is working as a security researcher at Tunisian Computer Emergency and Response Team tun-CERT.

After reviewing the uCertify PrepKit for the exam CEHv7, Mourad Ben Lakhoua said, “Now it is possible to make all your preparation using single software that is called uCertify. This is not a training center or a boring video training that you need to watch for several days, it’s a complete tool that has all required features to pass your certification quickly. Basically you will find the practice exams, study materials and tracking progress tab.”

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Shaan Haider is an electronics engineering student from New Delhi, India. He is also a blogger and owns many popular blogs like Geeky Stuffs, Gadget Chirp, The Muzic World etc. Other than technology and gadgets, he is very much interested in music and loves to write and compose songs.

After reviewing the uCertify PrepKit for the exam  CCNA 640-802, Shann said, “uCertify CCNA 640-802 Exam PrepKit is having the around 15 practice tests which will help you in evaluating your progress. It will also help in preparing for the final online CCNA exam. You can also create a customized test for you.. ”


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Satish is the CEO, Founder of He is very passionate about writing Technology and Troubleshooting articles. His blog is a technology blog which covers core parts of technology like Computers, Mobiles, Internet, Gaming, Tablets, Gadgets and Other software reviews.

After reviewing the uCertify PrepKit for the exam 70-680, Satish  said, “uCertify is one of the most popular and well established company which is training thousands of students online. There are hundreds of paid Prepkits provided by uCertify every month to make your preparations go easy and quick.”

You can read the complete review on uCertify’s  70-680 PrepKit at Satish’s blog.

Yang Yang has been a full-time blogger, web developer and Internet marketer since 2006. He’s created quite some good websites which make him a steady 6-figure income per year. If you don’t find him blogging at, he is probably pondering about how to make the next big thing.

After reviewing the uCertify PrepKit for the exam Zend PHP-5 Yang said, “It’s a very nice kit for diversified learners who want to learn things in all different ways. It’s also a breeze to create your own tests and quizzes. ”

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Sarang Mangi is a student of B.Com part II,  from University of Sindh,
currently living in Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan. He is a game maker and
programmer who have made first ever 3 games in Sindhi Language.
Actually, it is his hobby and interest to work in different
programming languages. He is a good programmer of Python and ASP.
Along with these things he also work as a computer operator and page
maker in a newspaper. His favaurite books includes ‘BillGates – A Road
Ahead!!’ and ‘Secrets Of Mental Math’.

After reviewing the uCertify PrepKit for the exam 77-601, Sarang said, “The Study Notes and Chapters are very well organized and designed to give you exact knowledge of what you are learning in simulator method. The tests and quizzes are taken from the Study Materials and designed to test your knowledge from every side and point”.

You can read the complete review on uCertify’s  77-601 PrepKit at Sarang’s Blog.

Pedro was born in 1977 in Portugal and currently works as BI consultant at Novabase. He’s also an invited teacher in a Master and Postgraduate BI degrees, by IUL-ISCTE (Lisbon) and UPT (Porto) respectively. He’s a co-founder of a BI community: BIResort, and recently received from Microsoft the award “Microsoft Most Valuable Professional” (MVP) for all the dedication and contribution helping theoretical and practical issues in the various communities on the area of BI.


After reviewing the uCertify PrepKit for the exam 70-448, Pedro said, “The uCertify product has several exams to test your skils but also a study helper. The exams are not Dumps and if you want to pass the exam learning, I truly recommend that you invest on this product. If you fail the exam, at the end you’ll spend more money. ”


You can read the complete review on uCertify’s  70-448 PrepKit at Pedro’s blog.

Farhan Khwaja is currently in 4th year of B.Tech Computer Science engineering from MPSTME,NMIMS,Mumbai. He is also SUN CERTIFIED JAVA PROGRAMMER AND EMC IFORMATIONS STORAGE ASSOCIATE (EMCISA).  He along with his team have stood 38th ACM ICPC INIDA Regional Finals’10. He likes to blog, paint and listen to music.


His blog is Code 2 Learn ( where he writes what he has learned till now. Its a blog on Computer Science and related stuff. His blog also won the award of Best Blog in the Programming Category in the competition conducted by blogjunta i.e Best of Indian Blogosphere.


After reviewing the uCertify PrepKit for the exam 1Z0-851, Farhan said, “In the prepKit each and every topic is taught well along with the help of examples so that we get a clear view about what we are studying. Along with the preparation material which has 70-90 slides, it also has 9 Practice tests, 1 Adaptive Test, 1 Interactive Quiz (223 Question), 1 Diagnostic test (15 questions) and many more. ”


You can read the complete review on uCertify’s  1Z0-851PrepKit at Farhan’s blog.