Remember? In one of our recent posts, we covered that Microsoft has been placing a greater emphasis on PowerShell in their products, and this emphasis is reflected in Microsoft’s certification exams. Thus, PowerShell knowledge is becoming significant these days.

uCertify has brought Pearson: Windows PowerShell in 24 Hours for you. You can gain hands-on expertise in Windows PowerShell with the Pearson: Windows PowerShell in 24 Hours course. This course provides you understanding of PowerShell module and gives you an in-depth knowledge of installing and configuring PowerShell, finding and discovering Windows PowerShell commands, managing Windows PowerShell providers, and much more. The course contains 72+ quizzes and 75+ flashcards. There is no limit to the number of times learners can attempt these. Flashcards help master the key concepts. The course also contains videos and how tos to make you understand the concepts better and learn how to accomplish the task. There are test preps along with practice questions in this course to test your ability to use PowerShell commands.

Now, what other better place would you find than uCertify to learn Windows PowerShell? So, start learning PowerShell now with uCertify and get certified.

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