Krish K. has more than 10 years of experience in software quality testing in the capacity of Test Analyst and allied roles. He has also earned the popular industry certifications like Scrum MASTER Certification, Enterprise Cyber Security Fundamentals, Cyber Security Management, CCNA, Computer Forensics Investigation, and so on. He has experience in mobile testing for the IOS and Android applications, cloud environment testing skills include black-box, SIT, GUI, and much more; accessibility testing as per WCAG compliance. He has strong knowledge in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) concepts. He is currently working as Agile Test Analyst at VIX Verify. Recently he had an access to our Penetration Testing Fundamentals course. Let’s see what he says!

uCertify Penetration testing Course Review

Recently I had access to uCertify Penetration Testing course and was very much amazed that learning can also be so much fun, it helped me to gain the in-depth understanding for the course I really enjoyed the course, the platform provides the following features that help students prepare for to be certified: 26+ Exercise, Questions 536+, Quizzes 102+, Flashcards 349+, Glossary Terms, & 18+ Lessons. The course also contains over 31 videos that explain concepts and demonstrate how to execute certain tasks.

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Such customer reviews really delight and encourage us. We keep on doing better so that our users get the best learning experience.

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Want to enhance your career prospects and earn more money doing the job you already have? Getting certified in your field can create the difference between pulling down a middling salary and making a great amount of salary. Recently, the surveys have brought you some of the best certifications and the difference in annual pay of the professionals with and without certification. The list contains a wide range of professions everything from security to networking jobs.

Learn How Achieving an IT Certification Enhances Your Salary

Let this list help you decide if it’s worth getting certified in your field.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certifications are the foundation of Microsoft new generation of cloud-optimized credentials. The Microsoft MCSA credential demonstrates your ability to design and create technology solutions in one of Microsoft’s core business platforms, for example, Windows, Office, SQL Server, and Azure. The average salary offered to a Microsoft MCSA certified professional is USD 69,080.

CompTIA Linux+ credential validates the skills needed to install and support the Linux operating system, including user administration and the fundamental management of Linux systems. Linux+ certified professionals can work at the Linux command line, perform day-to-day Linux maintenance tasks, effectively assist Linux users, and install and configure Linux workstations. The average salary offered to a CompTIA Linux+ certified professional is USD 72,650.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) credential validates your ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot routed & switched networks. CCNA certified professionals can work with wide area network (WAN), mitigate basic network security threats, and understand fundamental networking concepts and terminology. The average salary offered to a Cisco CCNA certified professional is USD 74,340.

CompTIA A+ certification exam validates configure, install, and maintain devices, PCs, and software for end users; assemble components based on customer requirements; understand the basics of networking and security/forensics, and hardware issues while applying troubleshooting skills. CompTIA A+ certification requires you to pass two exams that are: 220-901 and 220-902. The average salary offered to a CompTIA A+ certified professional is USD 79,390.

CompTIA Network+ credential validates the ability to install, maintain, manage, operate configure, and troubleshoot basic network infrastructure, basic design principles, describe networking technologies, and adhere to wiring standards and use testing tools. The average salary offered to a CompTIA Network+ certified professional is USD 90,280.

CompTIA Security+ credential ensures foundation-level skills and knowledge to identify risk; participate in risk mitigation activities; provide infrastructure, information, operational, and application security. The average salary offered to a CompTIA Network+ certified professional is USD 93,990.

uCertify offers comprehensive cert guide for all the certifications mentioned above. Get yourself enrolled in the courses and prepare for the certification exams.

In this present world of the web, you basically can’t bear to work together without being on the web, and keeping your website secure ought to be the top priority. An accessibility to an organization’s digital presence has become increasingly vital and that accessibility gets compromised due to Faulty website security. If a company website is compromised, it can cause irreparable damage to its reputation. Web security is fast becoming a cause for concern for many businesses, and spending is set to exceed USD 1 trillion between 2017 to 2021.

Check Out the Reasons Why Web Security is Important for your Website

Here are the four most important reasons you should consider stepping up your web security.

  • Avoid unnecessary loss of money:

This is the worst thing that can happen and it should be your major motivator. An online business has the purpose of making money. On the off chance that you will lose money as opposed to making them, it implies that your online business doesn’t have the purpose to exist. Web security issues will make you lose money like nothing else.

  • Loss of information and reputation:

Malware can result in the burglary of your information as well as the majority of your client’s information. No client will be in the need to utilize your services if they find that their data isn’t protected. Clients will rapidly locate a more secure solution for their necessities in the event that you don’t act quickly to rid your website of malware.

  • The website can be blacklisted:

One of the troublesome situations that a business can be into, in the present innovative world is being blacklisted by web search engines. At the point when a website is blacklisted, it won’t show up in any applicable searches and is fundamentally wiped from the substance of the Internet. Search engines will blacklist a website if it is found to have malware.

  • Hackers do not choose:

No matter how big your business is, it is best to keep it safe. The common misconception of some website owners is that they feel less threatened as their websites are small and cannot be easily noticed by these hackers. The truth is that these hackers can get into your system and can easily find your website to be vulnerable to attack. To be protected, put resources into securing your website by frequently updating your web security program.

The security one invests in their websites is an asset to protecting not only your website’s content but as well your clients. Ensuring the protection of your customers implies being capable, reliable, and honest to your service. uCertify offers the Web Security Associate certification training for CIW Web Security Associate 1D0-571 certification exam. Enroll now in uCertify’s training course and become an expert in web security so that you can avoid malicious attacks on your website.

C# is a worldview programming dialect giving a large group of new features to fabricate robust cross-platform applications. There has never been a better time, to begin with, C# 7 programming regardless of whether you’re new to programming or only new to C#. The new C# 7 and Visual Studio 2017 updates highlight various new tools and features that streamline the work process, simplifies the code, and make it less difficult to develop quality applications. C# 7 can be utilized for developing windows applications, programming Windows 10, and composing Web applications when utilized beside ASP.NET. uCertify offers the Beginning C# 7 Programming with Visual Studio 2017 course to enhance your C# programming skills. The course walks you through everything you need to know, starting from the very basics, to have you programming in no time. You’ll study about factors, flow control, and object-oriented programming, after that you’ll progress toward Web and Windows programming and in addition databases and XML.

Get uCertify's Beginning C# 7 Programming with Visual Studio 2017 Guide Today!

After the completion of the Beginning C# 7 Programming with Visual Studio 2017 course you will:

  • Procure a practical comprehension of C# programming
  • Figure out how to execute basic GUI programs utilizing Windows Forms
  • Figure out how to execute programs utilizing C# and classes from the .NET Framework
  • Attain a practical comprehension of dynamic data type, named and optional arguments, and other new highlights in C# 4.0

The Beginning C# 7 Programming with Visual Studio 2017 course provides the following resources for training:

  • 26+ Lessons
  • 161+ Exercises
  • 200+ Flashcards
  • 200+ Glossary Of Terms
  • 50+ Pre-Assessment Questions
  • 50+ Post-Assessment Questions

The Beginning C# 7 Programming with Visual Studio 2017 course covers the following topics and concepts:

  • LINQ
  • Files
  • Generics
  • Databases
  • Flow Control
  • Defining Class
  • Universal Apps
  • XML and JSON
  • Defining Class Members
  • Basic Cloud Programming
  • ASP.Net and ASP.Net Core
  • Net Standard and .Net Core
  • Advanced Desktop Programming
  • Collections, Comparisons, and Conversions
  • Advanced Cloud Programming and Deployment

Get yourself enrolled in the uCertify Beginning C# 7 Programming with Visual Studio 2017 course that focuses on the basic and advanced concepts of C# programming and provides hands-on learning with the real-world scenarios.

CompTIA ITF+ certification encourages individuals to choose if a profession in IT is ideal for them or to get a more extensive comprehension of IT. CompTIA ITF+ is the main pre-career credential that helps candidates decide whether they have a competency for IT and if it is the correct profession for them. This exam is designed for candidates who are propelled end users or potentially are thinking about a career in IT. The CompTIA ITF+ exam is likewise a strong match for people interested in pursuing professional-level certifications. uCertify offers CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ (ITF+) course and performance-based labs for the CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ FC0-U61 certification exam. Performance-based labs simulate real-world, hardware, software & command line interface environments and can be mapped to any text-book, course & training. The complete cert guide covers all the basic and advanced concepts asked in the CompTIA FC0-U61 certification exam with its interactive learning resources.

Become a CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ Certified- uCertify CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ FC0-U61 Guide

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ exam focuses on the essential IT skills and knowledge needed to perform tasks commonly performed by advanced end-users and entry-level IT professionals such as:

  • Using security and web browsing best practices
  • Identifying common software applications and their purpose
  • Using the features and functions of common operating systems and establishing network connectivity

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ FC0-U61 guide offers the following resources for the training:

  • 12+ Lessons
  • 220+ Quizzes
  • 278+ Flashcards
  • 2+ Full-Length Tests
  • 52+ Performance-Based Labs
  • 50+ Pre-Assessment Questions
  • 60+ Post-Assessment Questions

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ FC0-U61 guide covers the following topics and concepts:

  • Operating Systems
  • Software Applications
  • Software Development
  • Security Best Practices
  • Database Fundamentals
  • Peripherals and Connectors
  • Core Hardware Components
  • Security Concepts and Threats
  • Business Continuity and Computer Support

Now become CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ FC0-U61 certified with uCertify CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ (ITF+) FC0-U61 Study Guide and become an expert in IT concepts and its terminology.

Gilbert Correia has 9+ years of experience in IT domain and is currently working as Support Analyst at Getinfo Corporate Solutions. He holds his expertise in installation, maintenance and configuration of Windows operating systems, configuration and test equipment microcomputing (Vd-Thin Client), setting wired and wireless networks, providing support to local user and sales team in the settings of palm top, and handling system peregrine service desk. He has successfully qualified 9 certification exam, namely: Windows Server 2016, Data Protection Manager 2016 (DPM), Cisco IOS Essentials, 70-413, MCSA/MCSE, MCP 70-412, MCSA, MCP, 70- 411, and MCPS.

Gilbert Correia Reviewed uCertify MCSA/MCSE 70-412 Course & Labs

He recently reviewed our MCSA/MCSE – Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 R2 Services (Course & Lab) course and has provided the following feedback, that we are more than happy to share:

uCertify has excellent platform for the MCSA/MCSE 70-412 course, I was surprised by the quality of the content available and its scope, being ideal for practical learning, professional use and preparatory for the official exams. It prepares the professional to handle the planning, installation, configuration and administration of a Windows Server 2012 network and its advanced features for obtaining the MCSA and MCSE title. I will definitely be recommending uCertify to my friends for his IT certification preparation.

We are working on all the areas of improvement mentioned by him to provide a better user experience. You can check out the complete post here. To know more about Mr. Gilbert you can contact him via his LinkedIn profile.

Software engineering is a comprehensive subject of engineering to the design, development, and maintenance of software. It was introduced to approach the issues of low-quality software projects. Software engineering is a designing branch related to the advancement of software product utilizing scientific standards, strategies, and methods. The demand for software engineering also emerged to cater to the immense rate of change in user requirements and environment on which application is supposed to be working. Advance your skills as a software engineer with uCertify’s Beginning Software Engineering course for learning parallel programming and software debugging.

Become an Expert in Software Engineering with uCertify Software Engineering course

The course provides knowledge about a few approaches that software engineers can use to compose code that is sufficiently adaptable to deal with the inevitable change requests, simple to debug, improve, and maintain in the near future. The first part of the course describes the basic tasks one needs to complete and deliver useful software. These tasks include designing, programming, and testing. The second part describes some common software development models that use different techniques to perform those tasks.

The course provides the following resources for the training:

  • 15+ Lessons
  • 98+ Quizzes
  • 45+ Pre-Assessment Questions
  • 45+ Post-Assessment Questions

The course covers the following topics and concepts:

  • RAD
  • Testing
  • Metrics
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance
  • Development
  • Iterative Models
  • Low-Level Design
  • Predictive Models
  • High-Level Design
  • Project Management
  • Requirement Gathering

Become a software engineer with the uCertify Beginning Software Engineering course that provides different lessons, quizzes & many other resources for the training. The course aims at the candidates who are new to software engineering and wishes to start the career in this field.

The MTA: Introduction to Programming Using Python validates the abilities and learning to perceive and compose syntactically correct Python code, perceive information types upheld by Python, and the ability to perceive and compose Python code that will coherently take care of a given issue. Python is a language that is astoundingly simple to learn, and it very well may be utilized as a stepping stone into other programming dialects and frameworks. In case you’re a beginner and this is your first time working with a coding language, that is something you certainly need. Microsoft MTA credentials would be the best for you if you want to start a career in the field of IT technology. Certified Associate in Python Programming (PCAP) certification is a professional credential that measures your ability to accomplish coding tasks related to the basics of programming in the Python language and the fundamental notions and techniques used in object-oriented programming. Candidates ought to have the ability to utilize supported data types and operators and control flow with selections and loops. They should understand how to write, debug, document, and maintain well-formed Python code. It gives constructs that empower clear programming on both small and extensive scales. uCertify offers the 
Python Programming for 98-381 and PCAP-31-02 study guide with performance-based labs for the preparation of the PCAP-31-02 and 98-381 certification exams. Performance-based labs simulate real-world, hardware, software & command line interface environments and can be mapped to any text-book, course & training. The guide is aimed at candidates new to the language and looking forward to starting a career in this field.  

Get yourself uCertify's Basics of Python Programming for 98-381 and PCAP-31-02 Guide

With Basics of Python Programming for 98-381 and PCAP-31-02 guide, candidates will learn:

  • to write functions
  • flow control processing
  • to perform math operations
  • o work with Python sequences
  • to write to, and read from, files
  • to collect user input and output results
  • how Python functions and its place in the realm of programming languages

The Basics of Python Programming for 98-381 and PCAP-31-02 guide covers the following topics and concepts:

  • Python Basics
  • Data Structures
  • Input and Output
  • Modules in Python
  • Functions in Python
  • Errors and Exceptions
  • Object-Oriented Programming

Get yourself enrolled in the uCertify Basics of Python Programming for 98-381 and PCAP-31-02 course and performance-based labs and become an expert in developing applications in Python.

Goals are dreams with deadlines. So, step up and start your preparations for your dream certification exams now. uCertify‘s Black Friday Sale is still available, but not for too long. The last day to avail the Black Friday Sale offer is 28th November 2018. Hurry up! visit our e-learning library of more than 400 titles, pick the best suited certification training course, and start preparing for your dream certification exam. Use the promo code BFD30 while checking out to claim the 30% off on any selected course.

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Climbing up the ladder of success in the field of project management is not easy these days. It takes a lot of hard work and patience because of the increased competition and professionals. However, things can become a little easier with a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. A PMI PMP certification demonstrates the knowledge and experience to bring business and IT projects to successful completion. It also improves your project management skills and makes you better at handling projects. Recent surveys have proved that project management training can increase the success rate of any project by 26% and 67% believes that it contributes to better project performance. Researches have proved that projects allocating 7% of the budget towards training are more successful than projects where only 4% of the budget went to training. The average salary offered to a PMP certified professional is USD 116,094.

Learn Project Management With The uCertify PMI PMP Study Guide

Let us now introduce you with the PMP certification exam objectives:

  1. Initiation (13%)
  2. Planning (24%)
  3. Executing (30%)
  4. Monitoring and Controlling (25%)
  5. Closing (8%)

PMI PMP certification demonstrates your knowledge and experience that will help you bring business and IT projects to successful completion. The PMP certification provides project management and managerial skills to complete projects on time, within the scope and under budget.

Here are some of the skills and knowledge areas covered in the PMP certification exam:

  • Leading and directing cross-functional teams
  • Understanding advanced project management concepts and processes
  • Completing projects within the constraints of schedule, budget, and scope
  • Applying project management methodologies and best practices to complete projects

Aren’t you interested in getting this certification and climbing up the ladder of success? If yes, then uCertify can be the best choice for you. PMI PMP cert guide that will help you pass the PMI PMP certification exam in your first attempt. The PMI PMP cert guide is equipped with interactive learning resources that offer a hands-on approach to the exam objectives with the real-world scenarios.