All about uCertify LABS

uCertify LABS are virtual and live environments where students learn by doing. uCertify LABS encourage exploration and experimentation in a risk-free environment resulting in better learning for students. uCertify LABS are intended to replace expensive physical labs, therefore enabling true online education that is both efficient and cost effective.

uCertify LABS can be used for self-paced, guided, and instructor-led training within academia or industry.  Educators can map uCertify LABS to a textbook and augment their existing credit courses. Educators can also customize LABS to accommodate diverse audiences and education missions.

Training delivered through uCertify LABS is designed to engage students through interactivity and instantaneous feedback.  Students are presented with a learning path that is continuously optimized based on their performance.

uCertify LABS are cloud-based,  device-enabled and  can be easily integrated with an LMS.