keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts enable ease of access, enhances productivity and efficiency and provides flexibility to multitask. Also extensive mouse usage is associated with RSI(Repetitive Syndrome Injury)much often than the keyboard usage. By alternating mouse and keyboard usage you can reduce the risks of RSI.

So, with this in mind uCertify’s platform has enhanced its accessibility with Keyboard shortcuts. You can access and learn these shortcuts by clicking on the Feedback & Support drop-down menu and choosing Keyboard shortcuts. The list fo shortcuts will appear as follows:

Keyboard shortcuts

You can quickly go through the shortcuts here:

Common Shortcuts

Course Navigation Menu Alt+G
Move within navigation menu Left/Right Arrow
Page Up Up Arrow
Page Down Down Arrow

Test Shortcuts

Item List R
Learn Space bar
Previous P
Next N
Case Study(Exhibit) X
Settings Ctrl+?
Correct for manual grading C
Incorrect for manual grading I
Answering multiple choice Corresponding alphabet or number

E-Book Shortcuts

Item List R
Scroll one Page Down Spacebar
Previous P
Next N
Go back Alt+K
Open Flash Cards within ebook Alt+C
Open Quizzes within ebook Alt+Q
Open Exercises within ebook Alt+E
Open Labs within ebook Alt+L

Flashcards Shortcuts

Item List R
Previous P
Next N
Settings Ctrl+?
Flip Flash card F
Correct for manual grading C
Incorrect for manual grading I

Labs Shortcuts


Item List R
Reset Alt+T
Learn Space bar
Previous P
Next N
Close Alt+C
Help Alt+H
Min/Max lab task window Alt+M
Restore lab task window Alt+S
Print task activity Alt+I
Task tab in Review Mode Alt+1
Explanation tab in Review Mode Alt+2
Answer tab in Review Mode Alt+3
Correct for manual grading C
Incorrect for manual grading I
Zoom Alt+Z
Zoom in + (Plus)
Zoom out - (Minus)
Zoom default/reset 0

Video Shortcuts

Open video Alt+V
Pause/Play video Space Bar
Mute/Unmute video M
Increase video volume Up Arrow
Decrease video volume of video Down Arrow
Forward Right Arrow
Backwards Left Arrow
Close video Esc

Bookmark Shortcuts

Open bookmark popup M
Mark it as bookmark B
Mark it as confidence C
Enter some notes N

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