Microsoft has specified more than thirty objectives for the 77-600 test, which are grouped under seven topics. Following are the important areas in which an individual should possess good knowledge before taking the 77-600 test:

  1. Managing Windows Firewall.
  2. Locking a computer.
  3. Managing Windows Internet Explorer security.
  4. Configuring local user accounts.
  5. Managing network connections.
  6. Managing remote access to your computer.
  7. Connecting to another computer.
  8. Managing devices and drivers.
  9. Managing display settings.
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  11. Managing Windows Explorer settings.
  12. Managing and securing folders.
  13. Searching for files and folders.
  14. Customizing and modifying the Start menu.
  15. Customizing the taskbar.
  16. Personalizing the appearance of a computer.
  17. Optimizing and troubleshooting your computer.

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