Gear up to be a CIW ICT Communications Essentials exam certified with ICT Communications Essentials Course. The course focuses on the objectives of ICT Communications Essentials exam including basic network functions and Internet connections; fundamentals of effective communications in a technological society; strategies and techniques for efficient Web searching; issues related to online safety and privacy; strategies for creating effective website content and much more. This exam focuses on the use of the Internet and the World Wide Web; Internet life and privacy; communication using email; creation of content for the web and so on.


CIW: Communications Essentials exam is intended for IT professionals and validates their technology skills necessary for success in their academic and career endeavors. This exam covers domains such as fundamentals of effective communication in a technological society, including information search methodologies, email clients, SMS text messaging, Skype, wikis and social media.

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These days there is a high demand for skilled information security management professionals and the CISM Certification is the globally recognized standard of achievement in this regard. The CISMs understand the business and know how to manage and adapt technology to their enterprise and industry. Let’s check out below the three important reasons you must go for the ISACA CISM Certification:

  1. Top paying certification: You will be surprised to know that the average salary of a CISM certified professional ranges from USD 52,402 to USD 243,610. Entry level positions will garner a salary at the lower end of the spectrum whereas candidates who have successfully handled complex projects and placed at a senior level can expect a significantly higher five figure salary, or the one which may run into six figures.
  2. High in demand: Since the inception of CISM Certification in 2002, there are around 23,000 CISM professionals around the world but in this case, the demand for such IT professionals overshoots the supply. This is the reason why enterprises willingly pay generous compensation for deserving applicants.
  3. Reputed job titles: For a CISM, the junior positions offered are Information Security Officer and Security Consultant for Computing, Networking or Information Technology. When we come to the mid and higher level titles, it includes Information Security Manager, Security Manager (IT) and Chief Information Security Officer.

As per the findings of the IT Skills and Salary survey conducted a few years ago by Global Knowledge and Penton; a CISM holds second position among the top 15 IT certifications. So, what are you waiting for? Start your prep today with uCertify!