IC3 Global Standard 5 (IC3 GS5) is the newest addition to the IC3 Digital Literacy program. Like its predecessors, the GS5 certification is comprised of three exams: Computing Fundamentals, Living Online, and Key Applications. IC3 GS5 Computing Fundamentals exam covers the understanding of computer hardware, computer software, and utilizing an operating system.

IC3 Global Standard 5 (GS5), with an emphasis on the most basic components that drive innovation today, gives a comprehensive resolution for understanding how to prevail in any condition that requires the utilization of computers, gadgets, or the Internet. IC3 GS5 incorporates ideas and aptitudes, the perfect answer for any student or jobseeker hoping to improve or approve their advanced abilities.

Learn Computing Fundamentals Skills with uCertify IC3 GS5 Course & Lab


uCertify helps candidates in enhancing and validating their digital skills and provides the IC3 GS5 Computing Fundamentals course with performance-based labs. Performance-based labs simulate real-world, hardware, software & command line interface environments and can be mapped to any text-book, course & training. This course will assist you in identifying kinds of computers, how they process data, and the objective & role of various equipment parts and recognize how to keep up the computer equipment and take care of regular issues associated with the hardware because to take full advantage of computer technology, you have to recognize what technology exists, how it works, and what segment parts work with it.

The Internet Core Competency Certification GS5 course and lab provide complete coverage of computing fundamentals exam and include topics such as understanding operating systems, hardware, software; cloud computing; networking and the mobile device; and so on.

The IC3 GS5 resources offered in the course are:

  • 7+ Lessons
  • 34+ Quizzes
  • 35+ Exercises
  • 126+ Flashcards
  • 2+ Full-Length Tests
  • 126+ Glossary Of Terms
  • 31+ Performance Based Lab
  • 30+ Pre-Assessment Questions
  • 50+ Post-Assessment Questions

The IC3 GS5 Computing Fundamentals course and labs cover the following topics:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Understanding Software
  • Understanding Hardware
  • Networking and Mobile Device
  • Understanding Operating Systems
  • Troubleshooting Problems with your Computer

Become an expert and gain the complete knowledge in Computing Fundamentals with uCertify IC3 GS5 Computing Fundamentals Course.


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