Henry Osborne is a Technology consultant and a Technology Specialist with  experience in implementing and maintaining current and relevant  technologies to achieve stated goals and objectives.  He is a Systems  Security enthusiast and is an expert in Systems Analysis, Web Development, Technical Support, and Systems Security. He has an impressive Edtech background  with over 19 years of experience.

He is currently working with Northern Caribbean University as Adjunct Lecturer of Department of Computer and Information Sciences. He is also a Director at Think Tank eSolutions. He recently accessed our 312-50 V8 – CEH V8 course and has provided the following feedback, that we are more than happy to share:

uCertify provides resources for a wide range of IT certifications that is unparalleled. Their platform will adequately assist both self-study and instructor-led students to prepare for their chosen certification exam.”

We are working on all the areas of improvement mentioned by him to provide a better user-experience.  You can check out the complete post at our official facebook page, by clicking on the Review Tab. To know more about Mr. Henry Osborne, you can contact him via his LinkedIn profile.