uCertify PMP v6 review

Oshane Gooden is an IT professional with 8 years of experience as System and Network Administrator. He is currently working with Xerox as Account Procurement Manager . He recently accessed our PMP: Project Management Professional V6 course and has provided the following feedback, that we are more than happy to share:

uCerify is an exceptional tool that helped me study for easily for courses that I really liked. The ability to set markers, make notes on specific lines and even color code them helps me organize my study material as I go along. I look forward to the quizzes after each topic, because in that moment I can always test to see how much I have learned and can always revisit the topic should I need to.”

We are working on all the areas of improvement mentioned by him to provide a better user-experience.  You can check out the complete post at our official facebook page, by clicking on the Review Tab. To know more about Mr. Oshane Gooden , you can contact him via his LinkedIn profile. 

uCertify LabsuCertify LABS are virtual and live environments where students learn by doing. uCertify LABS encourage exploration and experimentation in a risk-free environment resulting in better learning for students. uCertify LABS are intended to replace expensive physical labs, therefore enabling true online education that is both efficient and cost effective.

uCertify LABS can be used for self-paced, guided, and instructor-led training within academia or industry.  Educators can map uCertify LABS to a textbook and augment their existing credit courses. Educators can also customize LABS to accommodate diverse audiences and education missions.

Training delivered through uCertify LABS is designed to engage students through interactivity and instantaneous feedback.  Students are presented with a learning path that is continuously optimized based on their performance.

uCertify LABS are cloud-based,  device-enabled and  can be easily integrated with an LMS.


uCertify courseuCertify course is a library of courses for technology, engineering or vocational training. These courses are delivered via highly engaging, flexible, cloud-based and device-enabled platform and can be used for self-paced or instructor-led training.


In self-paced mode, these courses are adaptive and use competency-based progression. Each student is provided with individualized learning path. Educators can use these courses to deliver credit courses or augment their existing credit courses. Educators can customize these courses to add additional content with ease to accommodate diverse audiences and education missions.


uCertify courses engage students through interactivity and instantaneous feedback.  The course navigation is driven by a dashboard that is adapted to the specific course.  Students can toggle between the various learning tools and resources and then return back to the topic at hand with one click.

Each uCertify course comes complete with a study planner that allows students to track their progress.  In addition, a progress meter for each major activity allows the students to take corrective actions.

uCertify works closely with a number of major publishers to source content for these courses. Administrators appreciate uCertify because of comprehensive reports on student performance, course efficacy and also for ease of  integration and administration.


uCertify LEARNuCertify LEARN is a highly interactive, cloud-based and device-enabled, teaching and learning management platform for online, anywhere, anytime, competency based learning. uCertify LEARN is specifically designed to deliver HigherEd, vocational, workforce development & readiness and corporate training programs. Since such training requires hands-on approach, uCertify LEARN is designed to deliver hands-on labs and virtual environments – a feature that sets uCertify apart from other solutions. In addition, uCertify LEARN comes complete with over 50 interactive activities.


uCertify LEARN is developed from the ground up to deliver training to diverse audiences with different proficiency levels, making it an ideal tool for delivering diagnostic and remediation programs. Pre-Assessment can be used to configure an individualized, optimal learning path for each student. Educators can also create customized courses to meet different user needs, education outcomes and missions.


In addition to Pre-Assessment, Exercises, Quizzes, and Post-Assessments, an educator can create graded assignments. Students receive a readiness score that indicates their current level of readiness, real time feedback and reinforcement. Learners also get an individualized study plan to help them focus on areas needing improvement.

uCertify LEARN can be integrated with any LMS resulting in seamless experience for the learner. Also, uCertify LEARN comes complete with custom website, catalog & eCommerce.