uCertify Linux Administration

Those IT professionals who can describe themselves as fans of open source operating systems and wish to enhance their skills by learning technologies other than Microsoft, will find that exploring the Linux world may be quite of interest to them. The popularity of the Linux server operating systems has experienced a considerable growth. Here is why we think LPI can help you define your career path.

  1. Key Advantages of Linux certification:
  • Ample Job Opportunities: with so many companies using Linux, there’s an open positions in many different fields
  • Above average pay checks: gain higher flexibility of financial security
  • Engaging: Linux is constantly evolving, there’s always something new to learn
  1. Linux acceptance continues to rise because:
  • Free and Open Source software liberates organizations from expensive and restrictive proprietary software licensing.
  • Linux powers more than just servers these days. Smartphones, super computers, cloud technology, and NASA’s Mars rover to name a few.
  • Linux is supported by a huge Open Source development community that spans continents and companies. The code base evolves quickly providing resulting in creative and exciting new feature sets.
  • Build Confidence
  1. Benefits of Earning Linux Essentials:
  • Provides a solid foundation of Linux fundamentals
  • Complements your education and experience
  • Proves you have the Linux skills required for cloud, big data, mobile and network roles
  • Is great preparation for advancing to the professional certification track
  1. Invest in your Skills
  • Certification can prove you have the skills for new responsibilities & opportunities
  • You can help your organization run more efficiently and can master more areas at your work place.

With uCertify’s comprehensive e-learning resources that includes course, labs, video-tutorials, testpreps, flashcards, quizzes and exercises you can master any LPI certification exam.