Adobe Photoshop Certification

Did you know that the history of Photoshop dates back to 1987? It all began when a PhD student Tom Knoll wrote a graphics application in a Macintosh Plus. The software was used to display grayscale images on a monochrome display. Knoll called it ‘Display’ which later transformed into Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop promises a rewarding career in all design and print-related career fields and an Adobe certification will grab the eyeballs of your dream employers so get ready to amplify your career with these 3 career options:

  1. Advertiser: Creating a unique brand identity and enhancing your brand equity underlines your KRA’s. Advertisers use Photoshop to create logos and branding icons, product packaging, company advertisements and more. Advertisers may use Photoshop in their daily work by creating these elements as well as editing company photos for display on the company websites. Sometimes, the work of an advertiser and graphic designer are combined, resulting in one key worker doing the jobs of both titles. Average Salary: $52000
  2. Web Designers: You bring your client’s ideas or concepts to life on a webpage. You will be creating logos, navigational bars, backgrounds, headers and additional images to help create the page. Photoshop has an extensive library of modifiers that you can use on your images to help the webpage you are creating stand out, look professional, and be easy to navigate. Average Salary: $ 49000
  3. Photographer: Professional photographer not only captures the perfect moment but also is responsible for enhancing the image quality as per the requirement. This includes getting rid of blemishes on your subject, adding additional light sources, sharpening the focus and adding additional creative elements to your photos. All of these things and more can be done using Adobe Photoshop. Average Salary: $47000

Apart from these, another popular option is Graphic Designer: Graphic designers are the people behind that great band flyer you have  just seen in the subway station. It’s a graphic designer’s job to create flyers, logos, brochures and page elements that are creative as well as eye-catching. Designers work with a vast array of media including pictures, videos, text, styles and adjustment layers. A graphic designer’s work can appear online or off, and is used in a variety of publications. Average Salary: $43000

It’s time to flaunt your creativity by mastering the Adobe Photoshop. Learn with uCertify’s interactive course and hone your skills with uCertify’s labs, video tutorials and assessments.


CV0-001 Course & Lab-uCertify

CompTIA Cloud+ certification exam covers objectives to ensure proficiency and skills of IT students to take a dive into understanding the concepts behind some of the key technologies that power modern cloud solutions and are essential for deploying, configuring, and managing private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.

CompTIA Cloud+ exam focuses on those professionals who are seeking a definitive reference guide for cloud technologies. The primary audience includes:

  • IT Administrators
  • Managers, or engineers interested in migrating to a cloud platform
  • Project managers for cloud computing services
  • Cloud engineers
  • Managers for data center SAN
  • Business analysts in cloud computing

An all-new, exam-focused study guide for CompTIA’s new technical cloud computing exam. CompTIA Cloud+ Certification study guide for CV0-001 exam offers a proven study system for the CompTIA Cloud+ certification exam the professional-level exam that aims to validate the skills and knowledge required for IT practitioners working in cloud computing environments. Readers will gain the knowledge and skills required to understand cloud-computing terminology; to implement, maintain, deliver cloud technologies and infrastructures; and to understand aspects of IT security and use of industry best practices related to cloud implementations and the application of virtualization.

To prepare examinees for this challenging, technically focused exam, CompTIA Cloud+ Certification study guide for CV0-001 exam offers 100% complete coverage of the exam objectives woven into an integrated self-study system. It teaches and reinforces practical skills through special exam watch, inside the exam, and on-the-job elements. Also included are end-of-chapter self-test questions with in-depth answer explanations. Electronic content includes two practice exams that mirror the actual exam in content, format, style, tone, and difficulty.

CV0-001 Course & Lab

SGO-001 Course & Lab-uCertify

Are you ready to master the exciting and complex world of modern storage technologies? uCertify’s comprehensive course & labs will cover all objectives for the Storage+ SGO-001 exam from CompTIA. It is ideal for modern IT professional. There are numerous ways to divide the IT landscape. One popular method breaks IT into three main areas: the first area is the compute resources themselves, client operating systems, and server operating systems. Then there is the “plumbing” that connects these compute resources — the network portion of IT. The third and final area is storage.

Knowledge of storage is becoming critical as end users expect seamless and Cloud-based storage options for everything from bank statements to family photos. uCertify course & labs allows you to master the DAS, NAS, and SAN infrastructures, and thoroughly explain the differences in these technologies. This course also permits you to design and support a Fibre Channel-based SAN. Finally, the course also details the latest in LAN and SAN convergence technologies, as well as the latest technologies of storage networks in general.

Our comprehensive study-prep helps you gain the required storage knowledge to build a successful IT career. Understanding how disk drives, flash memory, and storage arrays work is vital to understand how to design, implement, administer, and troubleshoot storage environments. The book also includes many real-world examples and simulated labs to help clarify concepts and show how they should be applied. Finally, the course covers all the objectives listed in the CompTIA Storage+ exam (SGO-001).

Prepare for the certification now and live your dream of being a Storage Manager, Storage Network Administrator, Storage Architect, Network Manager with a concentration on storage, Storage Security Manager, and Backup and Business Continuity Manager.

uCertify Storage+ Certification

CV0-001 Labs uCertify

Did you know 9 out of 10 companies use some form of cloud technology?And  60 percent of companies have 30 percent or more of their IT systems in the cloud. Additionally, Cloud computing is estimated to generate nearly 7 million jobs worldwide by the end of 2015. With this, the global cloud computing market, is projected to reach $270 billion by 2020. In order to stay ahead in the ever-changing and challenging job market, uCertify is introducing CV0-001 Labs – Deploying And Managing A Cloud Infrastructure Labs. The topics covered in this lab have been selected to address the CompTIA Cloud+ certification CV0-001. In addition to cloud practitioners, this lab is for IT students who want to take a dive into understanding the concepts behind some of the key technologies that power modern cloud solutions and are essential for deploying, configuring, and managing private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.

As more and more businesses shift their IT operations to cloud platforms, skills in Cloud computing and virtualization have become a frequently required qualification for IT professionals. Adding CompTIA Cloud+ to your resume demonstrates your ability to implement and maintain cloud technologies and enables you to jump into a rapidly growing market.

So, gain hands-on expertise on activities such as: Understanding Cloud Characteristics , To Grasp the Cloud Fundamental Concepts, Within the Cloud: Technical Concepts of Cloud Computing, Cloud Management Diagnosis and Performance Monitoring Cloud Delivery and Hosting Models Practical Cloud Knowledge: Install, Configure, and Manage Hardware Management Storage Provisioning and Networking Testing and Deployment: Quality Is King, Cloud Computing Standards and Security, The Cloud Makes It Rain Money: The Business in Cloud Computing, Planning for Cloud Integration: Pitfalls and Advantages. Get Geared up to excel your career.

CompTIA Cloud+