We are breathing in the era of mobile technology and by 2020, there will be an estimated 10 billion mobile devices worldwide. To remain relevant, IT professionals must hone their mobile skills along with expertise in Cloud computing.  The ability to manage, develop, and secure a mobile infrastructure is quickly becoming a key component to entering the IT industry and professionals lacking those skills will lag behind. No wonder, passing MB0-001 is a must!

uCertify’s interactive lessons includes hands–on exercises, real–world examples, and in–depth guidance from the perspective of a mobile computing expert. IT professionals looking to expand their capabilities must pass the CompTIA Mobility+ (MB0–001) exam for a rewarding career. After successful completion of our course and labs, you will gain expertise to:

  • Review common network types, topologies, protocols and ports
  • Learn the fundamentals of radio frequency and antenna technology, and the factors that influence range and speed
  • Compare the various IEEE standards and interoperability certifications for wireless local area networking technologies
  • Understand the terminology and inner workings of standards based wireless networking, cellular technology operation, capacity, signal measurement, and distribution
  • Delve into the mechanics of physical and logical infrastructure technologies like wireless LAN infrastructure devices, proxy servers, and gateways
  • Examine the different technologies used to traverse wireless–to–wired networks
  • Study common mobile device policies, and techniques for effective mobile device and application management

The Mobility+ certification is geared toward candidates that have CompTIA Network+ certification or equivalent experience and working knowledge of and at least 18 months of work experience in the administration of mobile devices. So start your preparation now and pass certification in one attempt.

SGO-001 uCertify

SGO-001 lab comprehensively focuses on the topics required for the CompTIA Storage+ Powered by SNIA (SGO-001) exam. It helps you gain the required storage knowledge to build a successful IT career. A clear understanding how disk drives, flash memory, and storage arrays work is vital to understand how to design, implement, administer, and troubleshoot storage environments. Here is how uCertify’ s lab helps you accomplish your objective:

  • The lab comprises of various simulator that helps to clarify concepts and show how they should be applied. It comprehensively covers all the objectives listed in the CompTIA Storage+ exam (SGO-001).
  • It helps you gain hands- on expertise in spectrum of skill set, such as: application workload, business continuity, system integration, and storage/system administration, while performing basic troubleshooting on connectivity issues and referencing documentation.
  • Successfully qualifying the exam enhances your career prospect as Storage Manager, Storage Network Administrator, Storage Architect, Network Manager with a concentration on storage, Storage Security Manager and Backup and Business Continuity Manager.
  • The lab helps your master skills such as: Storage Primer, Storage Devices, Storage Arrays, RAID: Keeping Your Data Safe, Fibre Channel SAN, iSCSI SAN, Files, NAS, and Objects, Replication Technologies, Storage Virtualization,Capacity Optimization Technologies, Backup and Recovery, Storage Management, The Wider Data Center Neighborhood, Converged Networking, and Cloud Storage.

 So get ready to master these skills and enhance your employability score!

uCertify Storage+ Certification


98-349 course & lab uCertifyuCertify introduces course and labs that enable you to excel the Microsoft exam 98-349: Windows Operating System Fundamentals. MTA certification is a recommended entry point into IT certification and job preparation. If you are at the starting point of your IT career path or are looking to enhance your understanding of IT fundamentals, this certification can validate your core knowledge, and as an industry-recognized credential, it also can enhance your credibility. On successful completion of our comprehensive course and labs, one can master the topics, such as: Operating System Configurations, Installing and Upgrading Client Systems, Managing Applications, Managing Files and Folders, Managing Devices, and Operating System Maintenance. This course leverages the same content as found in the Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC) for this exam. The Microsoft Technology Associate validates the  fundamental knowledge needed to begin building a career using Microsoft technologies. This program provides an appropriate entry point to a future career in technology and assumes some hands-on experience or training but does not assume on-the-job experience. After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand Operating System Configurations
  • Install and Upgrade Client Systems
  • Manage Applications
  • Manage Files and Folders
  • Manage Devices
  • Understand Operating System Maintenance

So, start your preparation now and enhance your credentials.

98-349-MTA Course and Labs

If the performance of an SQL server is degrading, it is a reason for concern for the administrator as well as the users. Here are some universal tips that will tune up the performance of your SQL server.uCertify SQL Server Certification

  1. For accessing remote servers over sluggish links, it is advisable to use stored codes and T-SQL statements. The same applies to managing large databases. Enterprise Manager should be used only if you are high on resources.
  2. In order to use the locking and logging resources more judiciously, use of table variables is advised as opposed to temporary tables.
  3.  One way to take some load off your server and answer queries in a more comprehensive fashion is to return only required columns of a table for a query and not all columns.
  4.  Using the truncation instead of delete commands for deleting rows from a table makes operation faster. This is because when the delete command is used, entries are added to the log file for individual row deletions.
  5.  Using constraints in place of triggers can also enhance the performance of your server.
  6.  One should understand that using the DISTINCT clause causes degradation of performance.
  7.  To perform row-by-row operations, use of correlation sub-queries or derived tables instead of SQL server cursors should be preferred. SQL server cursors are known to cause performance issues.
  8. One ingenious way to reduce network traffic is the use of UDFs (User Defined Functions), which have Transact-SQL statements used to capture codes for repetitive use.
  9. Union all statements are executed faster than UNION statements, since the former does not try to find duplicate rows, unlike the latter.

Once, you master these skills, how about getting recognized for your skills by passing the certification exam? With a holistic e-learning solution by uCertify, passing the certification exam in one attempt  is a cake walk! So, save time, money and efforts and enhance your credentials.

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With over 1, 700 professional IT certifications running the gamut of IT technologies, gauging the certification that will enhance your specialty can seem an insurmountable task. To simplify the complexity associated with making the right move, we have compiled a list of top-rated It certs that promises a winning edge.Best IT certification 2015-uCertify

Analyze your career goals and objectives, before you narrow down on the certifications by carefully understanding your requirement:

  • Know the demography of your  IT role (Security, Web Development, Programmer and so on)
  • List down your career objectives and your interests.
  • Analyze the resources you needed: money, time, and preparation help such as course or simulators.
  • Learn about the impact of certification  on your career

5 IT Certs to Choose From

  1. Project Management Professional (PMP) The PMP certification validates your expertise in handling the project within the stipulated time, meeting quality parameters and all within the budget. Average salary: $101,000.
  2. Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) A vendor-neutral security certification.  It validates your skills and knowledge to complete high-level tasks involving architecture, design, management and/or controls that assure the security of business environments. Average salary: $97,000.
  3. VMware Certified Professional (VCP) VCP VMware’s first level of certification focuses squarely on the vSphere virtualization platform. Recipients should have the skills to install, deploy, scale and manage vSphere environments, as well as general virtualization skills. Average salary: $95,000.
  4. CompTIA A+ It is a vendor-neutral certification for entry level positions that encompasses a number of different foundation-level IT skills.Earning this certification indicates that you have the skills and knowledge to install, secure and troubleshoot networks as well as conduct preventative maintenance. Average salary: $47,000.
  5. Oracle DBA The Oracle DBA certification factors in training, experience, and testing to establish a strong foundation and expertise in Oracle Database 11g techniques, including backup and recovery, performance tuning and administration. Average salary: $103,000

It’s time to move up the corporate ladder by choosing the right IT certs. Early preparation is the key, plan your learning better with e-learning courses, simulators available online and make sure you keep a track of your progress by attempting the test series. Sounds complex? Simplify your learning with uCertify’s award winning platform to pass your certification in one attempt.

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