uCertify delivers its promise yet again, to deliver nothing , but the best! We have upgraded the prestigious  Exam 1 & Exam 2 module.The 101-400 – LPIC-1 Exam 1 – Linux Server Professional Certification V4.0 course covers basic Linux installation, configuration, and maintenance. Exam 1 helps you to perform Linux system up and running and to configure it for many common tasks. The 102-400 – LPIC-1 Exam 2 – Linux Server Professional Certification V4.0 updated 2015 covers basic Linux applications, networking, and security. Both the courses can accelerate the career prospects for System Administrator, Linux Developer and Linux Administrator.

The course helps you to thoroughly prepare with its elaborate structure of over 15 pre-assessment questions, 2 full length tests and  60 post-assessment questions.The Linux Server Professional Certification is available to anyone who passes the two required exams: 101 and 102. The IT professionals using the Linux operating system and its associated tools can opt for this exam. So, try it out now and enhance your employ-ability score!