We @uCertify believe in continuous improvement. So time to time, we come up with some or the other feature in our platform. This time we are here with the searching and filtering feature in two areas: Test History & Performance Analytics and Activities in educator area.

Test History & Performance Analytics: We have implemented the search and filtering option in the Test History & Performance Analytics area that would make it easy and convenient for our instructors and students to search any test section of the course. You can also see the drop-down filter in this area using which users would be able to search the required section by selecting the test mode and test type.

Activity filter in educator area: We have implemented the filtering option in the Activity area for our instructors. Instructors can now search any test section of the course for any student at one place by simply using the search box and selecting the desired test mode and test type. This would definitely save time that previously used to be consumed in manual searching.