LX0-104 – Linux+ Powered By LPI – Exam 2 covers your ability to manage shells, scripting, and data, and to set user interfaces and desktops in the Linux operating system. It also tests your knowledge on the Linux administration, networking fundamentals, and basic network security. The certification is targeted at Network Administrator and System Administrator involved with working at the Linux command line, perform maintenance tasks, assist users, and install and configure workstations. uCertify has come up with the complete course for LX0-104 that includes course and labs. Here’s what you will get in our LX0-104 complete course:

  • 15 pre-assessment questions
  • 5 lessons
  • 100 exercise questions
  • 73 quizzes
  • 168 glossaries
  • 8 videos
  • 2 full length tests
  • 60 post assessment questions
  • 29 performance based labs

So now students will have a chance to learn and gain hands-on experience as well.
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CompTIA’s Linux+ Certification Powered by LPI certification is provided by Linux Professional Institute (LPI). The certification validates the fundamental knowledge and skills required for Linux administrators and enables candidates to become certified in LPIC-1 as well, enabling further participation in the LPI program.
uCertify has updated course and lab for LX0-103-Exam 1 with the following features:

  • 15 pre-assessment questions
  • 5 lessons
  • 100 exercise questions
  • 107 quizzes
  • 214 glossaries
  • 10 videos
  • 2 full length tests
  • 60 post assessment questions
  • 61 performance based labs

This certification is targeted at Network Administrator and System Administrator involved with working at the Linux command line.

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The Linux Essentials certification is an industry recognized credential. The certification is targeted to novices who wish to learn the fundamental aspects of Linux. uCertify has upgraded the Linux Essentials labs. Our labs are versatile which simulate real-world, hardware, software and command line interface environments and can be mapped to any text-book, course and training. You will get 89 performance based labs with detailed explanations for each activity.

So here’s a chance for you to gain the hands-on experience on the objectives like “The Linux Community and a Career in Open Source, Finding Your Way on a Linux System, The Power of the Command Line, The Linux Operating System, and Security and File Permissions.”

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IC3 GS4 Computing Fundamentals is based on computer hardware, software, operating systems, peripherals, and troubleshooting to help you gain knowledge on computer technology. This certification is recognized globally as the standard for digital literacy and validates the digital literacy skills required in today’s academic and work environments. uCertify has come up with simulators for IC3-GS4-CF to provide students with hands-on experience on various activities, such as understanding operating systems, understanding hardware, understanding software, and troubleshooting problems with your computer. Here’s what you will get with our IC3-GS4-CF:

  • 44+ performance based labs
  • 33+ video tutorials

Each lab is designed with detailed explanation to make students understand the step by step process of the activities. Video tutorials are add-ons with the detailed explanation for every activity.

Students, take the benefit for better learning and get certified!!

IC3 Global Standard 4 (GS4) is the newest release in the IC3 family of digital certification exams. GS4 aligns the IC3 standard to the most current and relevant digital literacy requirements, and addresses several new concepts common to digital literacy. IC3 GS4 Certification consists of three individual examinations: Computing Fundamentals, Key Applications, and Living Online.


IC3 GS4 Computing Fundamentals is based on computer hardware, software, operating systems, peripherals, and troubleshooting to help you gain knowledge on computer technology.

IC3 GS4 Key Applications is a certification for person’s competence across a spectrum of skills including word processing, use of spreadsheet and presentation applications and the common features of all applications.

IC3 Living Online exam covers skills for working in a networked environment pr Internet and maximizing your communication, education, and social interaction in a safe and ethical way.

Digital literacy is a foundational element of success in today’s technology-driven world. Regardless of your educational goals, career pursuits, or job function, possessing a strong grasp of the digital technologies that drive much of the world is critical. So students, take the plunge and avail yourself of the opportunities it offers.

The CompTIA Storage+ certification exam is a standalone certification from CompTIA with the exam code SGO-001. The certification is proof of a person’s competence across a spectrum of individual’s skill of application workload, business continuity, system integration, and storage/system administration, while performing basic troubleshooting on connectivity issues and referencing documentation.

uCertify’s SGO-001 course will help you gain the required storage knowledge to build a successful IT career. Understanding how disk drives, flash memory, and storage arrays work is vital to understand how to design, implement, administer, and troubleshoot storage environments. The book also includes many real-world examples to help clarify concepts and show how they should be applied. Finally, the course covers all the objectives listed in the CompTIA Storage+ exam (SGO-001). You will get the following features in our upgraded SGO-001 course:

  • 50 pre-assessment questions
  • 46 exercise questions
  • 107 quizzes
  • 308 glossaries
  • 15 lessons
  • 2 full length tests
  • 80 post assessment questions

uCertify has released N10-006-CompTIA Network+ course. This course is intended for entry-level computer support professionals with a basic knowledge of computer hardware, software, and operating systems who wish to increase their knowledge and understanding of networking concepts and acquire the required skills to prepare for a career in network support or administration, or who wish to prepare for the CompTIA Network+ certification. Here’s what you get from our N10-006-CompTIA Network+ course:

  • 90 pre-assessment questions
  • 154 exercise questions
  • 312 quizzes
  • 17 flash cards
  • 831 glossaries
  • 18 lessons
  • 3 full length tests
  • 80 post assessment questions

In CompTIA Network+, the topics are mostly generic in that they can apply to networking equipment regardless of vendor. It tests areas of networking technologies such as the definition of a protocol, the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model and its layers, and the concepts of network design and implementation.

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Once again we have come up with upgradation in our application. The Design area has now been improved with the Customize and Visibility sections merged into one. This upgradation would make it easy for our instructors to customize the courses or classes and manage their visibility for students from one area.

Note: The customized course structure will take precedence over course structure updates done by the publisher. Your course or classes, however, will continue to get content updates from Publisher.

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uCertify has come up with the upgrade of its CISSP course by combining course and labs. This course offers you a solid foundation for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) exam. If your goal is to become a certified security professional, then the CISSP certification and this study guide are for you. The purpose of this book is to adequately prepare you to take the CISSP exam. Here’s what you will get from uCertify’s complete CISSP course:

  • 50 Pre-assessment questions
  • 20 Lessons
  • 381 Exercise questions
  • 467 Quizzes
  • 899 Flashcards
  • 127 Glossaries
  • 100 Post-assessment questions
  • 113 Performance-based labs
  • 27 Video tutorials

Students will now be able to first grasp the concepts and then gain hands-on experience on various topics like Access Control Attacks and Monitoring, Secure Network Architecture and Securing Network Components, Risk and Personnel Management, Software Development Security, and many more.

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The CASP exam will certify that the successful candidate has the technical knowledge and skills required to conceptualize, design, and engineer secure solutions across complex enterprise environments. It involves applying critical thinking and judgment across a broad spectrum of security disciplines to propose and implement solutions that map to enterprise drivers, while managing risk. uCertify has released a complete course of CAS-002-CASP that includes performance-based labs so as to provide students a complete package to learn concepts and gain hands-on experience. uCertify’s CAS-002 complete course includes following features:

  • 81 Pre-assessment questions
  • 10 Lessons
  • 200 Exercise questions
  • 102 Quizzes
  • 365 Flashcards
  • 166 Glossaries81 Post-assessment questions
  • 98 Performance-based labs
  • 33 Video tutorials

The course is designed to give you insight into the working world of IT security and describes the types of tasks and activities that a security professional with 5 to 10 years of experience carries out. Organized classes and study groups are the ideal structures for obtaining and practicing with the recommended equipment.