It’s always good to grade yourself for a continuous improvement. So, here we are, with a new feature for our students and instructors. uCertify has introduced Self Grading in its platform. Now, our students and instructors would be able to grade each question and quiz after completing the practice tests for every course. This would be helpful in determining the knowledge areas where students are lacking. This way students can focus more on those areas and gain a better knowledge.

We @uCertify always try to come up with something that is fruitful for our customers. So, now it’s time to use our newly introduced feature and experience a new level of gaining knowledge and a better learning.

Happy to serve you!! Happy learning!!

We believe that there’s no such thing as perfect or complete, it’s only continuous improvement. uCertify has come up with upgradation of its Excel and PowerPoint simulators. Our Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint simulators have now become compatible to work on iPads and Tablets as well. The upgradation has made it easier and convenient for the students and instructors to access our module anywhere and anytime.

The module provides a broader spectrum to work upon and its limitation of functioning only on desktops and laptops has been eliminated. The instructors and students can best utilize the module in their spare time. In big cities, one has to allocate lot of time in commuting from one place to the other. The module’s compatibility with ipads and tablets would help in utilizing this time slot.

So, now take the advantage of this upgradation and happy learning!!

CAS-002 provides the technical knowledge and skills required to conceptualize, design, and engineer secure solutions across complex enterprise environments. It involves applying critical thinking and judgment across a broad spectrum of security disciplines to propose and implement solutions that map to enterprise drivers, while managing risk. uCertify has come up with a way to provide a hands-on experience to students with a variety of performance-based activities. This would make learning a little more interesting and really effective. You will get the following features from uCertify’s CAS-002-Lab:

  • 98 performance-based labs
  • 33 video tutorials

Video tutorials are add-ons with the detailed explanation for every activity. So, here’s a perfect chance to learn, gain, and get certified!

Happy Learning !!

Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong.

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On Tuesday, May 5th 2015, in San Francisco, California, members of the education technology community turned out for the 2015 CODiE Awards ceremony to honor the most innovative products and services in the education technology market. The annual ceremony and dinner reception was a highlight of SIIA’s Education Information Summit.

23 companies received honors in 28 categories. uCertify was the big winner of the night, taking home an unprecedented seven CODiEs, including overall “Best Education Solution” for uCertify COURSE. In addition, uCertify won in the following categories:

  1. Best Virtual Learning Solution, uCertify LAB
  2. Best Student Assessment Solution, uCertify TEST
  3. Best Postsecondary Learning Solution, uCertify COURSE
  4. Best Career and Workforce Readiness Solution, uCertify LEARN
  5. Best Instructional Solution in Other Curriculum Areas, uCertify COURSE
  6. Best Corporate Learning/Workforce Development Solution, uCertify LEARN

The SIIA CODiE Awards are the industry’s only peer-reviewed awards program.

We at uCertify would like to extend our gratitude to SIIA Education, our partners, and thousands of students and educators who use our products everyday.

The ISC2’s CISSP certification is proof of a person’s competence in defining the architecture, design and management, and controlling the security of business environments. uCertify has released simulators for CISSP to provide students with hands-on experience on various activities, such as Access control attacks and monitoring, Secure network architecture and network components, Risk and personnel management, Cryptography and symmetric key algorithms, and many more. In uCertify’s CISSP-Lab, you will get:

  • 113+ performance based labs
  • 27+ video tutorials

Each lab is designed with detailed explanation to make students understand the step by step process of the activities. Video tutorials are like icing on the cake that would make learning more interesting and effective.

Students, take the benefit for better learning and get certified!!

The Microsoft Office Specialist: Word 2013 certification is an industry recognized credential. uCertify has released simulators for Microsoft Word 2013 to provide students an inexpensive and safe way to explore and learn. The variety of performance-based activities will provide hands-on experience to students that will make learning more interesting. Students will learn creating and managing documents, formatting text, paragraphs, and sections, creating table and lists, applying references, and inserting and formatting objects. Here’s what you get from uCertify’s Microsoft Word 2013 Lab:

  • 103+ performance based labs with detailed explanations
  • 102+ video tutorials

Video tutorials add benefit to students to learn in an effective manner and then perform the activities. So here’s a perfect opportunity for students who wants to navigate Microsoft Office Word 2013 software at the feature and functionality level.

Believe you can and you are halfway through. So, don’t miss the chance and grab the opportunity! Happy learning!!

The Word 2013 exam is a standalone certification from Microsoft with the exam code 77-418. This certification is targeted at professionals who have experience with previous versions of Microsoft Office Word and can also create business deliverables with Microsoft Office Word 2013. The exam covers creating, customizing, and organizing documents by using formatting and visual content that is appropriate for the information presented.

uCertify’s 77-418 course covers all objectives with the knowledge you need to pass the certification. It brings all available learning resources for a topic in one place so that the learner can efficiently learn without going to multiple places. Challenge questions are also embedded in the chapters so learners can attempt those while they are learning about that particular topic. Here’s what you get from the uCertify course:

  • 93+ exercise questions
  • 108+ quizzes
  • 336+ flashcards
  • 72+ glossary of terms
  • 61+ videos

Take the benefit from our course and get certified!!

The MOS: PowerPoint 2013 exam is a standalone certification from Microsoft with the exam code 77-422.

The certification is targeted at professionals who have experience with previous versions of Microsoft Office Powerpoint. The exam covers creating & managing presentations, inserting & formatting shapes & slides, creating slide content, applying transitions & animations, and managing multiple presentations.

uCertify releases 77-422-Lab to provide students with hands-on experience on Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. The labs are versatile and an inexpensive & safe way to explore and learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. Performance based labs provide a better understanding of basics as students get the opportunity of performing tasks on their own. Here’s what you get from the uCertify’s 77-422-Lab:

  • 73+ performance based labs with detailed explanations
  • 72+ video tutorials

The Microsoft’s Office Specialist PowerPoint 2013 certified professional has several career opportunities open up to them, including Office worker and Instructor. Go grab the opportunity and take the benefit !!


uCertify’s 77-422 preparation kit provides knowledge you need to pass your Microsoft Office Specialist: PowerPoint 2013 certification exam. It is full of interactive activities that keeps the learner engaged. The course will enhance an individual’s proficiency in powerpoint 2013, managing the powerpoint environment, creating a slide presentation, working with graphical and multimedia elements, creating charts and tables, applying transitions and animations, collaborating on presentations, preparing presentations for delivery, and delivering presentations. This exam is an upgrade of Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010. Here’s what you get from the uCertify course:

  • Interactive e-book covering 100% exam objectives
  • 20+ pre-assessment questions
  • 20+ post-assessment questions
  • 59+ practice questions with full explanations
  • 60+ interactive quizzes
  • 350+ flashcards
  • 106+ glossaries
  • 117+ videos

This authoritative resource helps you prepare perfectly for exams. It will assist you to pass the exam and also serves as an essential on-the-job reference. The MOS: PowerPoint 2013 Certified Professional credential shows that you have the skill and technical expertise to create & manage presentations along with enhanced designing capabilities. Take a plunge and then make the final decision. You are the best judge!!