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Q. What is the 1z0-528 exam?
A. The 1Z0-528 Oracle Database 11g security essentials exam is for those professionals who want to be known as OPN certified specialists. This exam will enhance the knowledge of using Oracle database 11g security options. Through this exam, one can implement Advanced Security Option, Database Vault, Audit Vault, and the Enterprise Manager Data Masking Pack.

The target of the exam is the intermediate level implementation of the team. This certification exam helps to qualify for the Oracle database security options specialization.

Q. What are the prerequisites for the 1z0-528 exam?
A. There are specific prerequisites for this exam, which are as follows:

  • Oracle database 11g: Administration workshop
  • Oracle database 11g: Implementing Database vault
  • Oracle database 10g: Implementing Audit vault

Q. What are the benefits of becoming an OPN certified specialist?
A. The Oracle database 11g security exam helps students to learn Oracle database features to meet the security, privacy, and compliance requirements of their organization. Through this, students also learn to secure their database and how to use the database features that enhance security. The course provides suggested architectures for common problems.

Q. What certificate does it provide?
A. The 1Z0-528 exam helps you to achieve the OPN Certified specialist certification, Oracle Database 11g security certified implementation specialist certificate.

Q. How many questions are asked in the test?
A. You will be required to attempt approximately 70 questions.

Q. What is the duration of the test?
A. Users are required to attempt all questions in 90 minutes.

Q. Which type of test is it? (Adaptive/Linear)
A. Linear

Q. What is the passing score?
A. The passing score for the exam is 66%.

Q. What is the test retake policy?
A. If you do not pass the 1Z0-528 exam, you need to wait for fourteen days before retaking any Oracle exam.

Q. Why should I become certified?
A. Studies have shown that certified individuals realize many benefits. Among them are the following:

  • Increased opportunities on the job: These opportunities range from increased salary and bonus to project involvement and promotion.
  • Increased breadth of knowledge: Certification is a catalyst for learning new technologies in a structured and comprehensive way.
  • Increased value to the organization: Organizations with 25 percent or more of their staff certified have shown to deploy projects on time and within budget more often, rely less on external support, have less downtime, and have higher user satisfaction with their IT staff.

Q. What can I expect in the 1Z0-528 exam?
A. The exam consists of multiple choice questions.

Q. What skills are measured in the 1Z0-528 exam?
A. Oracle has specified the 1z0-528 ( Oracle database 11g security essentials) exam to get the OPN Certified specialist certification. There are twelve objectives defined for 1Z0-528 (Oracle database 11g security essentials) exam. A candidate is required to have an excellent command over the following areas to qualify the exam:

  • Explaining and differentiating the four main security options available.
  • Differentiating the VPD and the Label Security from the standard database security options.
  • Identifying the factors leading to the need for enhanced security.
  • Explaining the benefits provided by Audit Vault.
  • Explaining the architecture of Audit Vault components.
  • Explaining the purpose and limitations of different Audit Vault collectors and agents.
  • Describing different encryption options and their effects.
  • Differentiating column encryption and tablespace encryption.
  • Describing interaction of ASO with other options and tools.
  • Explaining how using Database Vault affects a production environment.
  • Describing the components of Database Vault.
  • Describing the features of the Data Masking Pack.

Q. How can I prepare for the 1Z0-528 exam?
A. We designed the 1Z0-528 preparation kit to help you get certified effortlessly. Now you don’t need to spend your time and money searching for study materials, books, etc. This Oracle database 11g security essentials exam preparation kit contains everything you need to get certified. Just follow the instructions; focus on the study material and getting certified will be easy.

Don’t take our word for it; decide the quality of our PrepKit yourself. Download the trial version of the PrepKit now to get over 15 questions and 50 study notes, absolutely free. Once you are convinced, you can buy this PrepKit to get all questions and study notes. And of course, we trust our PrepKits so much that all our PrepKits are backed with full money back guarantee in case you do not pass the Oracle database 11g security essentials (1Z0-528) exam.

Q. Where can I take the test?
A. For the 1Z0-528 exam, you will need to register with Pearson VUE, the testing partner for Oracle. When you register, you must pay for the exam. Payment is made directly to the authorized test delivery partner – in this case, Pearson VUE. Note that refund policies vary by testing delivery partner.

Q. How do I register for the 1z0-528 exam?
A. Students may register for all Oracle certification exams with Pearson VUE. At the time of registration, the exam fee is payable to Pearson VUE by any major credit card.

Q. How can I locate a testing center?
A. Please visit the following link to locate the testing center:

Q. How can I schedule, reschedule, cancel, or confirm the exam?
A. To cancel or reschedule your test appointment, visit and select ‘Cancel a Test’ or ‘Reschedule a Test.’ Tests can be canceled more than 24 hours before the scheduled exam appointment time. Exam fee will be forfeited if canceling of the exam is done within less than 24 hours.

Q. What can I expect from Oracle if I pass the 1z0-528 exam?
A. Oracle has specified the 1z0-528 ( Oracle database 11g security essentials) exam to get the OPN Certified specialist certification. This certification exam helps to qualify for the Oracle database security options specialization.

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