Cisco recently announced its highest level of certification – the Cisco Certified Architect (CCA). This prestigious credential recognizes the architectural expertise of network designers who can support the increasingly complex networks of global organizations and effectively translate business strategies into evolutionary technical strategies. CCAs are also expected to advocate Cisco network architectures.

There is no formal training for the CCA. Candidates who want to to attain their Cisco Certified Architect certification must meet before an in-person board made of Cisco-appointed exam committee members during which the candidate defends their proposed network solution.

The pre-requisite for a CCA must also be certified in Cisco Certified Design (CCDE) .
Cisco Certified Architects are expected to:

  • Lead creation and evolution of architecture
  • Analyze technology and industry market trends
  • Establish governing principles for networks
  • Selection of technology and products
  • Identification of organization resource needs
  • Lead the development of communication and education plan for network architecture

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Cisco launches Cisco Certified Architect

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Cisco learning network

Based on the results of an IT Industry Business survey conducted recently by CompTIA, it is expected that six in ten IT firms are likely to significantly or moderately increase their Q3 and Q4 revenues, as compared to Q1 and Q2 revenues. IT companies are beginning to be more optimistic about the second half of 2010. The CompTIA survey panel expects the Business Confidence Index to increase 5.4 points over the next six months. In addition, the CompTIA IT Industry Business Confidence Index, anticipates that 37 percent of IT firms expect to increase hiring over the next six months.

This means more and more companies will want to add staff, will hire programmers, developers, support staff and help desk, sales staff, project managers, and network engineers. 47 percent of companies say they are fully staffed but will add new talent because they want to expand their business. Conversely, 53 percent of these firms indicate they are understaffed by between 5 percent and 20 percent.

All of this means that hiring managers will be looking for skilled talent, ready to help grow their businesses. Having the right experience, and skills, including a certification in the right area can help you be prepared for a possible increase in hiring this second half of 2010 and into early 2011.

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IT Companies are optimistic about second half of 2010