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Like anything else, getting a technical certification may be achieved by approaching it correctly or not. Here are the top certification mistakes one should avoid.

1. Doing a “hot” certification which is popular, rather than something you love doing. Many people getting into IT field want to pursue a certification based on its perceived popularity at the moment.

This is a bad strategy. For one thing, an area that’s hot right now might melt like a glacier in six months. These trends are impossible to predict. Another reason would be that you simply not enjoy performing a job your certification is in. People tend to do well when they enjoy what they are doing, and when people do well, they get recognized, regardless of whether the area is current trend or not. Find a certification that will help you enhance your current skills or develop new ones in areas that interest you.
Use a tool such as uCertify’s CertAdvisor to help you make the right certification choice.

2. Not getting enough experience first. Hiring managers have gotten more sophisticated about technical certifications over the years. When they see a certification, they wonder if a job candidate has the required experience. That’s because some credentialed job-seekers try and use the certification as a substitute for experience.

Remember: there is no substitute for experience. Start at a low level if you’re just getting into IT, such as working at a help desk or working for free helping out local charities; anything to get your hands dirty. Then your certification will have more weight, and your chances of getting that next job go up substantially. Certification proves to employers that you are ready and willing to go that extra level for the job.

3. Using only one study method

Books can be helpful certification prep tools. So can simulation labs. So can classroom-based training, and online training.
Don’t confine your preparation methods to just one of these types. Variety is not only the spice of life, but it can kick your certification prep to the next level.

4. Testing before you’re ready

It’s a good idea to not have a hard deadline for getting your certification. You want to be thoroughly prepared for your exams before testing. If you feel you need an extra week or month — or more — be patient and delay your exam. If you don’t have the concepts and hands-on knowledge down cold, it will hurt you on the test. Be patient.

5. Assuming certification will fast-track your career

Some people expect an immediate raise or promotion the moment the ink is dry on their credential. Certifications are one indication of your worthiness as an employee, but there are many others. They include experience, communication skills, ability to be a team player, etc. If you’re not getting ahead the way you think you should be, ask your manager for an honest evaluation of what areas you need to shore up. Certification alone is no guarantee of success.

6. Using a braindump to prepare
Braindumps are unethical to use; it’s no different than getting a test ahead of time in school and regurgitating answers. It’s cheating, plain and simple. In addition, if you don’t understand the material, you will be totally unprepared for your job duties, assuming you manage to get hired.

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  • MB2-632 – CRM 4.0 Applications
  • 172 Questions, 71 Quiz, 71 Study Notes
    This Microsoft’s MB2-632 exam is designed for those professionals who want to understand and articulate implement the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Applications modules effectively.

  • 70-655 – MCTS: Windows Vista and Server OS, Pre-Installing for OEMs
  • 199 Questions, 100 Quiz, 44 Study Notes
    This Microsoft’s exam evaluates individual skills in pre-installing Microsoft Operating Systems in an OEM environment. Those IT professionals who have a hand on knowledge of the various tools needed to maintain windows desktops, and have a minimum one year experience in handling and troubleshooting issues related to desktops and OEM.

  • 112-12 – Security5 Certification
  • 200 Questions, 100 Quiz, 207 Study Notes
    The Exam EC-Council’s 112-12 The EC-Council Security5 certification exam is designed to examine the knowledge of IT security concepts and basic networking skills.

  • IC3-EXAM-1 – IC3 Computing Fundamentals
  • 162 Questions, 45 Quiz, 166 Study Notes
    The IC3 is a certification program that is designed to teach individuals the digital literacy skills associated with basic computer and Internet use. The Computing Fundamental exam covers popular hardware, software, operating system, word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications and the common features of all applications.

  • IC3-EXAM-2 – IC3 Key Applications
  • 250 Questions, 100 Quiz, 106 Study Notes
    The IC3 is a certification program that is designed to teach individuals the digital literacy skills associated with basic computer and Internet use. The Key Applications exam covers popular word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications and the common features of all applications.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a multi-lingual Customer Relationship Management software package developed by Microsoft. Out of the box, the product focuses mainly on Sales, Marketing and Service sectors but Microsoft has been marketing Dynamics CRM as an XRM platform and has been encouraging partners to use its proprietary (but .NET based) framework to customize it to meet different demands. Microsoft announced the following new features to Microsoft Dynamic CRM online:

Expanded language support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online-: With the growing demand in the market Microsoft has added a new feature that is called Multi Language User Interface. This feature enables a user to work with various languages.

New Portal accelerators-: Microsoft has added some new accelerators, such as Event Management, eService and Partner Relationship Management, for enhancing the work power of the user.

New developer tools and resources-: Microsoft has added some new developer tool for the developers that enable them to connect the CRM with other on-demand and on-premises applications and services such as Windows Azure.

Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration-: This feature is enabled a user to easily connect the two systems to help provide business insight and improve user productivity across financials, supply chain, and sales and service. The integration is supported with both on-premises and cloud versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0.

To read more about the new features, please visit New Features for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

uCertify is offering Practice Tests for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 certifications. These certifications will boost your career as Customer Relationship Manager, System Administrator, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, etc.