Installing and Configuring SQL Server 2005

    • In order to change collation settings, reinstall SQL Server 2005 on a server with the same collation settings as on another server.
    • In order to install SQL Server 2005 on a computer on which SQL Server 2000 is already installed, install SQL Server 2005 as a named instance.
    • Members of the db_access role can assign permissions to other users to enable them to access and query the database.
    • RAID-0, also known as disk striping, is made up of a disk set in which data is divided into blocks and spread equally in each disk. It provides best performance because data read and data write operations are not limited to a single disk, but to a set of disks. It does not provide data redundancy. Data once lost cannot be recovered.
    • The Service Broker can be attached to a database by using the FOR ATTACH clause of the CREATE DATABASE statement.

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