Creating and Managing Microsoft Windows(r) Services, Serviced Components, .NET Remoting Objects, and XML Web Services

  • The SessionID property of the HttpSessionState class identifies an active ASP.NET session by using a unique session ID.
  • The Process.Start method is used to start a Windows application and is registered in the system registry on a computer.
  • The Status property of the ServiceController class specifies the status of the current instance of a Windows service.
  • If a class derives from the ServiceBase class, the OnCustomCommand method is executed when the Service Control Manager (SCM) passes a custom command to the service. This method is used to specify actions when a command with the specified parameter value occurs.
  • The AutoLog property of the ServiceBase class is used to determine whether or not a service automatically logs the entries in the event log when events such as Start, Stop, Pause, and Continue occur.
  • The CreateEventSource method of the EventLog class establishes an application as a valid event source for writing event information to a particular event log on a computer.
  • The Imports statement is used to import namespace names from referenced projects and assemblies.
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