The Zend PHP5 ZCE certification is designed to measure the level of knowledge and PHP programming of a candidate. Before taking the Zend 200-500 exam, you should practice the following:

  1. Understand PHP syntax, operators, variables, constants, functions, and arrays.
  2. Understand OOPS modifiers/inheritance, interfaces, and exceptions.
  3. Implement static methods and properties, and autoload.
  4. Configure and manage session security.
  5. Perform cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgeries.
  6. Mitigate SQL injection, remote code injection, and email injection.
  7. Understand XML basics, simple XML, XML extension, and Xpath.
  8. Understand Web services basics.
  9. Implement SOAP and REST.
  10. Perform string searching, replacing, and formatting.
  11. Analyze SQL queries and prepared statements.
  12. Perform GET and POST data.
  13. Implement cookies and HTTP headers.
  14. Perform files reading and writing.
  15. Understand file system functions and streams.
  16. Understand object orientation, E_STRICT, etc.

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